'He handled it like a champ and we had a grand old time.'
Period sex is a divisive one-some people love it because all those extra hormones turn them into a total horndog. Others feel gross and bloaty and crampy and generally hideous, and couldn't imagine anything worse. These women and vagina-
Does standing up feel better than lying down?
Blow jobs are obviously super subjective and depend on the anatomy of the receiver. But, mixing up the position in which one gives a BJ can change/heighten the sensation for the lucky guy. Here, 10 guys explain which position is their
It's so easy, so simple, and it changed everything.
Not to be confused with sucking balls.
What exactly is teabagging? I think we all know it involves testicles. But that's about as deep as most of our knowledge runs. Topher Taylor, sex expert for sex toy retailer Clonezone, explains that it's probably not what
Because we can all agree that a blow job is hard work.
Gay men are with us on this: A blow job is a job, so in the eternal words of Britney Spears, you better work, bitch.However, gay men have the advantage of having been born with the same anatomy as the men
We know damn well this beard tickles.
Certainly not when it comes to our own inner monologue, and probably not out loud. It's difficult, if not impossible, to make "I'm going to perform cunnilingus on you" sexy. People who call it "cunnilingus" are the same
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