Chic OOTD pegs ahead!
What we've learned from Maggie Wilson is the importance of purchasing classic pieces that we can wear over and over. A deep dive in her IG grid showed us that her tropical chic wardrobe's foundation is composed of
They're super easy to recreate!
As much as she loves experimenting with clothes, Heart Evangelista gravitates towards her signature white look every now and then, and we can't blame her! There's something about this timeless color that exudes elegance and freshness.If you
See her foolproof style formulas here.
Whenever we glance at Sarah Lahbati's feed, we suddenly feel the urge to rethink our outfits-even if we're just at home, at the workplace, or at the grocery. There is something about her style that inspires us
Celebs are obsessed!
Since the quarantine has started, we've noticed that almost everyone is either in comfy t-shirt sets or breezy dresses. We also discovered that everyone is obsessed with this particular outfit: Blue dresses! We actually think that the LBD could
Saving all her looks, stat.
Heart Evangelista loves wearing high heels. If you check her looks on her IG Story highlights and her feed, you'll notice that she completes her outfits with towering footwear. Her shoe collection is also solid proof that she's
Easy peasy!
Neutral colored clothing is undeniably the easiest to style, so we get it why everyone feels safe in earth-tone outfits. But the thing with dressing up in beiges, blacks, and whites is that it tends to become boring. To avoid this,
Think out of the box.
Not gonna lie, injecting color into an outfit is challenging because there is always guesswork if the hues would make a great combo or would look good on us. We felt safe slipping on basics in neutral tones-there's nothing
We love your style, Sue!
A quick glance at Sue Ramirez's IG grid, and you'll immediately notice that she's nailed the casual and cool style. She mixes basics with trendy items to create a winning look that will make heads turn.
Relaxed yet sophisticated.
We always see Heart Evangelista in well put-together outfits. Like a true fashionista, she loves matching tailored pieces with delicate items, and she's into mixing high and low brands. Her fashion week outfits are really something else.We are
Let's put a spotlight on the LWD.
If you ask me, I'm more into white dresses than black ones. I would always choose a little white dress (LWD) over an LBD because the former just gives a fresher vibe. After all, it's almost always sunny
Pretty and polished!
Whether she's out or at home, Jinkee Pacquiao has got her fashionista mode on. Her signature style is feminine and polished and her IG feed is proof of that. Upon spying on her grid for some style inspo, we noticed
Make your sartorial choices easier.
Dressing up is indeed an art, especially when you want to *really* look good. We take time to plan our outfits-from the color to the overall sartorial message we want to pull off. But, there are days when you just can&#
Style balance achieved!
We've noticed a spike in bralette sales during the quarantine period. We weren't surprised because compared to the usual padded and underwire bras we wear every time we're out, these ~loungerie~ are super comfy. They don&#
Fashion runs in the family!
When it comes to celebrity fashion, Sofia Andres has always been high on the list, what with her effortless, romantic sartorial sensibilities. Now that she's a mom, it's only a matter of time before her little bundle of joy, Zoe,
A classic pair!
A timeless style formula we can all turn to is this combo: dresses with sneakers. Both items are considered effortless fashion pieces. A dress is already a complete look in itself because you would not need to worry about matching your top
Ahead, 10 of her best OOTDs!
When it comes to dressing up, there's no stopping you from wearing whatever style or color you want. There are, however, certain hues that can enhance your complexion and make it ~pop~. If you're a morena girl, white
Think out of the box.
Most couples are opting to get wed in a civil ceremony because the current regulations forbid mass gatherings. Most weddings are now streamed online so their friends and relatives can witness the couple's union while staying at home.While these
She's the kween of mixing and matching!
In case you haven't noticed, 2020's biggest style craze is actually a *throwback* to the '00s. We've seen a boom in the trend of recreating the aesthetic of the early aughts, with people wearing a
We love her style!
We know Toni Sia for her beauty-themed vlogs, but if you've been an IG follower of hers, you'll notice that she has a great sense of style! She's into animal printed clothing-which can be
Fact: The color white instantly makes you look polished.
There's something about white clothing that makes you instantly look fresh and clean. It reflects light so it instantly brightens up your face. Plus, it does not absorb heat, so white tees and dresses feel presko on the body. If
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