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Here's her reaction to 'Hurt Evangelista!'
Two days ago, a plastic products manufacturer published a video on its Facebook page which has gone super viral.In case you haven't seen it, it's a parody of Heart Evangelista showcasing the company's icebox just like how
Congrats, Alex!
Viral content creator Alex Gonzaga reached four million subscribers on her YouTube channel as she celebrated her vlog's second anniversary this month. "Love you, my netizens! You make me the happiest!" she said. The host, actress, singer, and author promised to
This is a video we never knew we needed—until now!
Actress, dancer, and vlogger Kristel Fulgar recently posted a vlog where she remade a Kadenang Ginto scene like a KOREAN DRAMA! Kristel is a fan of all things Korean (she even speaks fluent Korean, FYI), and she even went on a trip
I am not ready.
Today in things absolutely no one was prepared for, the fine folk at Pornhub have decided to gift the world with a porn parody of Game Of Thrones. Or rather, another porn parody of Game Of Thrones, because yes, they've
Have you seen 'Bird Baks?'
Alex Gonzaga released her Bird Box parody, Bird Baks, on YouTube yesterday and it has already raked in over 1.2 million views! Presented by "Jejflix," the video re-imagines the hit Netflix movie about a mysterious force that makes people go
Talk about production value.
Being lovers of all things Korean here at, it's no surprise that we chanced upon a certain Pinoy YouTuber who does these ~*amazing*~ K-Drama parodies, AC TV. Allan Soriano or AC, a current AB Digital Filmmaking student from
Aka if 'GoT' were made in the Philippines.
WARNING: Game of Thrones season seven finale spoilers ahead!Everyone who's watched the season seven finale episode of Game of Thrones last week (which is honestly like 90 percent of your Facebook feed) knows this huge confrontation scene between Cersei and
Their Facebook account is still active, though.
ICYMI, the Superficial Gazette was created as a satirical account of the Official Gazette after the latter posted a commemoration of former president Ferdinand Marcos' birthday over the weekend.Official Gazette draws flak for "revising history" on Marcos commemorative post -https://t.
'I conceive. Goodnight!'
Nobody's going to get their daily fix from actress Alma Moreno's parody account anymore after Twitter suspended it on Wednesday night.Upon checking, the parody account with Twitter handle @LovelinessAlma redirects to a page where it says "account suspended."In
Your boyfriend will actually enjoy it!
1. You don't have to be a fan of the books or film to enjoy the show. You could know zilch about the original material and still end up having a blast throughout the performance.2. You won't be offended
Like their last run, Dan and Jeff incorporated local culture and punch lines into the material, which proved to be real crowd pleasers.
This 2013, the RCBC auditorium was again the venue for Potted Potter, the unauthorized Harry Potter parody crafted by creators Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner that is surely setting high standards for parodies everywhere else. It claims to provide theatergoers the chance