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High heels who?
Fact: High heels aren't the only footwear that can make you instantly look taller. Admit it, it's hard to walk in towering shoes, especially if you're commuting to work. Thankfully, there are now sneakers that can
Maximize every inch of your height!
Good news for petite Pinays: You don't need to ditch your comfy flats on days when you want to look taller. Heels aren't the only way to add a few inches to your height (visually, at least). There
Look stylish with these simple hacks!
When it comes to fashion, being small-framed or *petite* sure has its perks. Here are some style tips from your favorite celebs:Don't be afraid to go big and bold. Enormous fabric, structure, and bright colors and prints will hang
Style inspiration for pint-sized Pinays!
Less than blessed in the height department? No problem! When it comes to dressing a small, delicate frame, these ladies have perfected just that. Don't let their diminutive features fool you-their outfits pack a stylish punch and are more than
And see instant results!
You've probably encountered and exhausted various solutions that can help lengthen your frame in the past. Here, we share more tricks to try to add instant inches to your height:1. Wear a shorter 'do.Long hair drags down petite ladies,
The 'Me Before You' actress loves this style, and so should you!
Think your tiny body won't look good in the It-girl approved midi length? Think again! Game of Thrones and Me Before You actress Emilia Clarke, who stands at 5'2", has a penchant for walking the red carpet in midi
You're always going to get leftovers.
When it comes to dating, you should never, ever make size and shape an issue. Because it really doesn't matter. Whether she's tall or small, chubby or skinny, remember that they are all equally beautiful.It's just that each
Tiny human? Read this!
Embrace your tiny frame and master these shopping tricks, so you'll look taller and longer! You're welcome.PrintsYes, you can! Just look for clothes with small prints and patterns so they don't overpower your frame.ArmholesWhen shopping for tops
All your petite styling questions answered.
Q: I'm 5-foot-2. Is there a way for me to wear jumpsuits without looking ridiculous and extra short?A: Look for something fitted and tailored-no loose, flowy shapes or gathered elastic waistbands-or, instead of a full-length
Still wish you're taller? The sweet-faced actress gives her personal style tips for working a small physique.
Are you one of those Pinays who wish they were taller to look better in clothes? You need not be supermodel-tall to turn heads or look fabulous. One prime example of that is GMA-7's rising young star Kris Bernal,