Using the ingredients you already have in your pantry!
There's nothing more annoying than a pimple suddenly appearing on your face overnight, especially when you know you've been consistent with your skincare routine. You may choose to heal it using your typical acne-fighting products, but if
Whatever you do, don't pick.
So you've got a big ol' zit. What now? Sorry to burst your bubble (heh), but you can't make a pimple totally disappear in a matter of minutes. You can, however, encourage the healing process and make
You don't have to apply your makeup products like a mask.
First things first: We would like to remind you that acne is nothing to be ashamed of. It's natural to have zits and everyone else gets it, too. If you, however, aren't comfortable having them on display in
Don't pick at it, just put a sticker over it!
We think there's nothing more annoying than waking up and finding out a pimple has sprouted on your face overnight, especially when you've been so good and consistent with your routine. Our first instinct is to pick at
You need to know the main causes of your acne first.
In this age of ~scientific~ advancements, more and more zit-fighting products are saturating the market, with each one promising to banish your pimples with just one use. Finding the right one for your skin is a trial and error situation that
Stay away from harsh formulas!
A common misconception when it comes to buying toner for acne-prone skin is that it has to be harsh and that it needs to have a strong percentage of certain pimple-fighting ingredients to "dry" out the pimples. This formula will
Do you really need it?
We are often told that in addition to our regular skincare routine, we should also ~splurge~ on regular facials to further purge our skin of dirt, whiteheads, and blackheads. This way, we can get a nice, healthy glow. But just how effective
Dark spots be gone!
So... your battle with acne is *finally* over-the nasty, painful zits are gone! You aren't quite finished, though. In their wake, they left behind dark spots and pimple marks. While you wait for your brightening skincare products to do
Score a flawless face with these tips.
We're here to debunk the idea that the no-makeup look is only for girls with perfect skin-it's really not the case. The key to acing a second-skin finish while camouflaging pimples and acne marks depends
They're worse than the ex who texts you 'hey' every six months.
I used to think nothing was more annoying than acne. And then I experienced recurring acne-aka breakouts that seem to keep popping up in the same. damn. place. It's a new level of WTF annoying. And the reason why
Spoiler alert: It's not because of oily food.
Acne is something that most of us, if not all, go through. We spend so many years (and moolah) trying to find our ~holy grail~ product that can banish our pimples for life. It's a painful trial and error process.
I found my HG!
Hi, I'm Ravy and here's my beauty confession: I have been struggling to get the '"glass skin" look for years now. I have tried different methods and products until I discovered the Korean 10-step skincare routine which
There is hope with this all-natural ingredient!
Any girl who deals with pimples knows that finding the right product to combat them (and get rid of them permanently) is never an easy feat. How and why do they even pop up even though we've babied our skin to
Steer clear of these pimple culprits!
Like many teens, I suffered through a face full of zits and a smattering of blackheads through puberty. Unfortunately for me, there weren't as many acne-fighting products in the market that could help or were within what was left of
Using way too much zit cream is a big no-no.
If you've been battling with acne for most of your life, you might consider yourself a ~pro~ at dealing with breakouts and knowing what usually works for your skin condition. Unfortunately, the cause of acne cause isn't always
Nope, it isn’t just your period.
So you do all the right things (regularly wash your face, exfoliate, moisturize, and even wear sunscreen!), but your skin still breaks out. I hear you. The sad, sad truth is you can be diligent about your skincare routine, but if you&#
Change your sheets and pillowcases weekly!
Pimples are one of those annoying things we had to deal with when went through puberty. We thought they'd be gone as we grew older. Adult acne, however, says ~hello~. There are a lot of factors to blame: Stress, lack
Nope nope nope nope nope.
Did you find yourself casually scrolling through Instagram Stories only to be completely horrified by what was lurking on Cody Simpson's page? Same, and in the poetic words of Zac Efron circa High School Musical, we're all in this together.
There’s no hiding what these masks can do for your skin.
Since jumping into the skincare scene, face masks have become a staple in every beauty junky's ritual. Contrary to what some nonbelievers think, face masks aren't just a fleeting trend. They are, in fact, here to stay. Although clay or
Bonus: These can be used on the face and body!
When we cleanse our skin, we normally choose liquid or foam facial cleansers over bar soaps because of how ~drying~ they can be. We're here to change your mind! The bars on this list will treat acne and leave your
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