Unfortunately, nature was not healing itself in this instance.
There was much buzz online when photos and videos of Manila Bay with surprising turquoise-blue water surfaced on March 25. Some thought it was proof of how nature was healing itself, but others were more doubtful. Now, science confirms the phenomenon
It might not be a good thing.
Photos and videos of Manila Bay with what seems to be turquoise-blue water have been circulating online since Wednesday, March 25. While some were quick to rave about how nature is healing itself with people staying indoors since the government-mandated
Single-use plastic is a major source of pollution.
Single-use plastic is among the top sources of pollution. According to a report by the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives, it is estimated that there are about 59.8 billion pieces of plastic sachets used in the Philippines annually. Other sources
Overpopulation and pollution have led to their sad destruction.
Thanks to the internet, an increase in affordability, and shorter travel time, going on holiday is easier than ever. While traveling the world has many economic benefits, the rise of tourism also has some negative impacts.A number of the world'
A dermatologist breaks it down for you.
Dr. Justine Hextall, consultant dermatologist on behalf of The Harley Medical Group, recognizes a huge link between pollution and your skin. Below, she explains.These particles are ten to twenty times smaller than our pore size, which allows them to infiltrate deeper
Scary stuff.
Russia, not unlike the Philippines, has had a long-standing problem with pollution, so much so that the Daldykan River recently turned blood red-and the government is scrambling. Seriously, it looks like every environmentalist's nightmare.Unfortunately, scientists believe that the
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