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Welcome home, Rabiya!
Rabiya Mateo is back home.On July 1, Thursday, the Miss Universe Philippines 2020 titleholder gave her followers an update as she arrived in Manila."After 14 hours of flight, I safely arrived here in my hotel which I will be quarantined [
The actress is documenting her life in quarantine with 'Baby A.'
Alice Dixson is back in Manila with her baby.The actress shared on May 1, Saturday, video clips of herself cradling "Baby A" while on a flight back to the Philippines. She also shared her experience checking in to a hotel room
She needs to 'untangle' her thoughts about everything that's been going on.
Yesterday, actress Alexa Ilacad opened up about how the quarantine is affecting her. Spoiler alert: She's not like the people who are thriving and whose energies are up for a good part of the day. She revealed, "Some people are
Aaaand we're back to being locked in our homes.
Several areas have again been placed under lockdown, or the strict enhanced community quarantine (ECQ), as the government moved to clamp down on a surge in COVID-19 cases.The ECQ will run from March 29 to April 4, 2021, in Metro
Bye, germs!
Hair sanitizer? Such a new concept, right? But with all the changes the pandemic has done to our lives, any product that offers germ-killing abilities is much, much needed. Tokyo Posh, the celebrity-favorite hair extensions studio, sensed that Pinays would
I miss wearing foundation and lip tints!
Without question, the pandemic has changed every aspect of our lives. We always wear masks and face shields whenever we're out, alcohol and hand soap are life-saving must-haves, Zoom meetings are the norm, and staying in is cool.
The singer says she's been using *a lot* of FaceTime.
Miley Cyrus isn't one to hold back the intimate details about her personal life. From the reason behind her divorce to losing her virginity, the 28-year-old has now opened up about how she's been keeping her
Here's how to tell if you have it.
It's safe to say there are plenty of aspects of the coronavirus pandemic we've struggled with. Levels of anxiety have risen across the nation and many of us have grieved-be it a loved one, or the loss
'It was a nice reminder na, oo nga, magkakasama pa rin naman tayo. Online lang.'
The COVID-19 pandemic has got us feeling all kinds of unwanted emotions-stress, fear, anxiety, and more. If you've been randomly crying during quarantine, you're definitely not alone. If you haven't been getting good enough
Something you post might be used against you.
Think twice before posting pictures of your family gatherings on social media, these might be used by the police to "summon" you. The Philippine National Police (PNP) will now search social media for possible violations of quarantine rules, including videos, photos, and
It's a way to slow down the virus even as Metro Manila reopens.
Granular lockdowns in streets or barangays instead of whole cities or regions is the way to go to slow the spread of COVID-19 in Metro Manila if it shifts back to general community quarantine next week as scheduled, a health official
'The safety protocols may take a while, but the strict compliance made me feel safe.'
Maybe it's just me, but do you guys also have an imaginary to-do list of things you want to accomplish after this period? I could spend hours talking about all the places I want to visit, people I'
We want one NOW!
First, there was sushi bake, and now, we're predicting another quarantine food trend that is about to be everywhere: Nacho bake!It's basically all the usual nacho toppings (ground beef, cheese, sour cream, beans, onions, and peppers) layered
'He goes to my room to play my guitar and we'll jam lang every night.'
With strict rules about staying home as much as possible, many of us have been spending more time with the family. And yes, that probably means more bickering because we're together all the time, but the upside? Sweet, and sometimes
It's all about your schedule.
This is a love letter to all my kapwa overthinkers.Overthinking can happen at any given moment during this uneasy time in our lives, but it's especially stressful when those thoughts come flooding in when we're trying to
She made pasta, cookies, and many more!
When dining out seems impossible, you are ~forced~ to be creative in the kitchen. Julia Barretto is one of the Pinoys who have been busy cooking and baking to satisfy her gourmet cravings. In an Instagram post, Julia posted a photo series
Including how much they cost.
With so many food businesses popping up online, it can be pretty overwhelming. For instance, I wanted to get on that sushi bake bandwagon, but it seems like 15 shops opened up overnight, lol. The same thing happened when I became slightly
Here's what you need to know.
As someone who's from Pangasinan, Silantro has a special place in my heart. Even if there are already several branches in Metro Manila, my family and I still frequently dine at the original spot located in Dagupan whenever I'
Maskne is a thing.
I know this will sound vain, but I feel better when I wear makeup while doing tribute errands. It's no secret that getting groceries and other essential goods during the quarantine isn't a pleasant experience. Knowing that I
'Kumusta ka na? Ok ka lang ba?'
Perhaps the only good thing to come out of this pandemic is the amount of love and care we've seen in our own communities. We always used to complain that our commutes ate up too much of our days. Now