Fans of Pinoy rock give one last hurrah to the radio station and its awards event for the best rock acts in the country.
Parting is such sweet sorrow. But for Pinoy rock fans saying goodbye to an annual musical tradition (and a rock music station), there's no sweeter way to part than with a bang-a loud, heart-pounding, body-slamming, ear-splitting one
Looking for some new sounds to groove to? Give these albums a spin this weekend. We've got whatever you're in the mood for.
The airwaves are flooded with the pop you hear every single day, at least twice every hour. There's nothing wrong with being a huge fan of Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, or all the other artists who get played multiple times a
We went backstage and witnessed Pinoy rock music’s top acts share the stage with promising new talents at the Nescafe Soundskool Finals. Group hug!
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