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We're loving her *new* look!
Ahem, Selena Gomez is a *bangs* girl now, and I totally feel OK blaming her for what's about to happen in my bathroom mirror with my hair and a pair of scissors. The OG Disney darling posted a selfie on
Saving for future reference!
There are a lot of "rules" regarding hairstyles for women with round face shapes. But this doesn't mean that you can't experiment with cute hairstyles. In fact, BLACKPINK's Jennie Kim is proof that you can have
Show these to your hairstylist!
I got a haircut last week, and I dared to get a short hairstyle. I have a round face shape-aka I've got chubby cheeks since birth-so I've always been careful in choosing a hair length. I
Super flattering.
Selena Gomez's hairstyles are always giving us life, and the best part is that she's the ultimate peg if you've got a round face shape. Your girl is ~*blessed*~ with babyface features: Full cheeks and a
With and without makeup!
The desire for a more chiseled face is nothing new in beauty, but in Asia, the demand is a little more specific. Given that most Asians tend to have more rounded or square-shaped faces, it's common for people to
It's time for a major chop!
There's something satisfying about chopping off your long hair. You feel like a new person with shorter hair, ready to face a new chapter in your life. If you're looking into getting a major cut, here are our
THIS is how you grow out short hair!
We were 100 percent in awe when Sue Ramirez went to Jing Monis Salon to have her long locks transformed into a sharp pixie cut back in June 2018. Her hair has become longer since then, and she's been doing
A face reading expert is here to help.
While the beauty of beauty is the freedom that comes with it, it's helpful to have a frame of reference, and the best frame is your very own face. Whether it's selecting the most complementary makeup looks or choosing the
Endless haircut ideas, right this way!
A haircut can make you instantly feel better (or worse!) about yourself, so choosing the right style is crucial. After all, the head is the first thing people notice. If you want to make a seriously good first impression, say it with
We love it, Sel!
Selena Gomez's hair has been through a lot lately: It got bleached to a pale shade of blonde in November 2017, and then it was dyed back to a brunette hue a few weeks after. Recently, Sel went to the
Love what you have, girl!
Chubby, bilog, siopao, mamon-y'all have been teased with these nasty names just because you were born with a round face. And instead of hating your natural facial structure and fighting it with contouring products, why not just embrace it?
Celeb-approved looks to flatter your face shape!
Do you have full cheeks and a soft jawline? Congrats, you're blessed with a round face. There's a lot to love with your facial structure, like how you probably have a baby face, which makes you appear younger than you
Rounded brows are a no-no!
1. Contouring isn't required. Most round-faced girls make the immediate assumption that dramatic contouring is the only way to add dimension to their faces. But you don't need to go to that extent to bring out your features. You