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From ballin' to literally living on a prayer.
Start Of The Week "Aw yeah, payday! Let's eat out?"~*~ "Okay, I paid all my bills na and I still have X pesos left. Spend or save?"~*~ "OMG, SM is on sale again! We have to go. Promise, I won't
We asked real girls like you to share their secrets to splurging wisely. You're welcome.
Hack #1: Religiously, zealously monitor when and where the sales are."Because sales don't always happen when I have moohlah and vice versa, I always check websites like to see what restaurants and retail outlets have ongoing sales.
Three words: make. smart. choices.
1. Thou shall make lists Save yourself from where-did-all-my-money-go panic attacks and list down your expenses. If you're more tech-savvy, there are also several apps available for your phone that will help you manage your