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This time, ikaw na ang pumili sa kanya. <3
The second lead syndrome *really* has no cure and up to this day, we're still heartbroken with the endings of some of our favorite K-drama male second leads. That's why we came up with this quiz para
Ramdam mo talaga yung sakit, eh.
Have you heard of the term "Second Lead Syndrome"? It's basically when K-drama fans end up rooting for the second lead more than the main star of the show. Example: We end up praying hard that the male second
'It was to the extent that the cars couldn’t pass.'
Who else is whipped for Kim Seon Ho because of Start-Up? The 34-year-old actor has been gaining massive recognition recently (if he's also all over your Facebook feed, please raise your hand!) and is considered the newest cause
For everyone who's #TeamSecondLead, this one's for you!
You know how it goes: Character A likes Character B, yay! Everything seems fine for them until Character C comes in the picture and makes a move to Character B, giving the much-needed ~tension~ to the story. Sometimes, Character C isn&#
We know this is a tough one.
For seasoned Hallyu lovers, you'd know that most K-dramas-usually romantic comedies-follow a specific formula to make the story push forward. One such trope that we frequently see in dramas are the infamous second leads. Yes, they'
Who says they're only second best?
If there's one phenomenon that most Korean drama fans are familiar with, it's the Second Lead Syndrome. While we love how Hallyu pairs up iconic stars to top bill a drama, sometimes, they're even better at