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Luckily, there are no coffee orders on her to-do list.
Selena Gomez is a chart-topping pop singer, a Hollywood actress, Netflix producer, and fashion designer. But right now, the job that seems closest to her heart is her unpaid internship/ volunteer work with A21-a nonprofit organization that seeks to "abolish
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on September 5, 2018!
Selena Gomez fronts the cover of Elle's October 2018 issue. During the interview, Sel was asked about her good friend, Demi Lovato. She didn't want to say much but she did say this: "I reached out personally. I
You go, Selena!
Selena Gomez is no stranger to conquering struggles throughout her career, which makes her collaboration with Puma all the more relevant. The singer is set to release her Puma sneaker collab, "DefyxSG," on September 18. At first glance, you'd probably
Drake is COVERED in them.
Kim Kardashian shared a photo of 21-year-old Rob Kardashian's tribute to their late father on her blog in 2008, with the caption, "OH MA GAWD! Rob is at it again... He got another tattoo!!!"  Kim wrote. "He got
Her best friends are normals just like you and me.
We all know Selena Gomez chills with celebs like professional cool-girl Petra Collins and professional cat lady Taylor Swift-but she also has, like, regular-person friends. You know, people who aren't famous, who seem super chill, and who
Justin and Hailey, wya??
Since Justin Bieber's engagement to Hailey Baldwin, Selena Gomez has been out here living her best life on IG. Her most recent post, though, alludes to the idea that what you see on social media isn't always an