Everyone gets nervous sometimes, but a switch in positions can go a long way.
Sex can be completely anxiety-inducing for those of us who are shy, in our own head, or just feel nervous about being our most naked, primitive, O-face-making self in front of another person, especially someone we're really, really
It's NOT the time to DTR, girl.
Ah, pillow talk. Once described as the place that is so pure, so dirty, so raw, it's the place you spend your time effing (and if you're not careful) fighting-thanks, Zayn Malik, for that lyric! But, let'
'I think sex can cause a lot of pain.'
Kicking off his birthday month (a month early) and reflecting on his love life, Justin Bieber just graced the cover of Vogue along with his wife and "baby boo" Hailey Baldwin Bieber. Alongside photos of Hailey in a dress that looks like
Gifts that keep on giving.
While it's true that you should love the one you're with 365 days a year, there's something extra magical about dedicating 24 hours of bliss to Your Person.Most couples go for dinner and drinks, but
Love yourself.
Here are some ways single people spend Valentine's Day:But Valentine's Day is about love-in all its forms, which includes self-love. So instead of sulking over being single, we suggest treating yourself to a night in
Bring yourselves back to your honeymoon phase of smooching 24/7.
A really good kiss does all kinds of secret biological stuff like assessing the health and genetic compatibility of your mate, but we love it (consciously, at least) 'cause it's so damn swoony to smooch someone you really, really
Have 'Fifty Shades'[ sex minus the creepy rich boyfriend part.
Submission can be all kinds of hot. It's a chance to totally release yourself into the experience, face the unexpected, and be completely open and vulnerable with another person. Plus, if you have trouble getting out of your head during
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