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Yes, please!
While we do love a normal graphic tee, there's something special about getting a ~customized~ one. You get the feeling that it's made just for you and that it's unique! If you want to give your
Abante, babae!
One way of showcasing your advocacies to the world is by wearing a statement tee. It gets the word out about your beliefs, especially if it has an eye-catching print! If you're a firm believer in feminism (as you
Instagram is a haven of outfit ideas, and it is also here where we spot trends. For the longest time, we've spotted a particular ~better-than-basic~ tee on fashion influencers.This is The Frankie Shop Eva Shoulder Pads Muscle
There's no such thing as having too many white shirts!
Every person needs at least one plain white tee in her closet. It's non-negotiable. White shirts can match with every other piece in your wardrobe, making it one of the most versatile fashion pieces you could ever own. While
Yup, you can even use it as an off-shoulder top!
We've said it before, and we'll say it again: You NEED a classic white button-down in your closet! VIDEO PRODUCED BY: Happy Lopez VIDEO SHOT AND EDITED BY: Jean Saturnino, Trina ElefanteHAIR: Angelu Dominguez MAKEUP: Raymund Defeo
Women have spent years buttoning their shirts a different way to men. But why?
Have you ever wondered why men and women have shirts that are made to button up in completely opposite ways? If you think about it, something that you previously may not have questioned actually starts to seem ridiculous-why make them different?
#Blessed, in more ways than one.
When you're born with anything bigger than a B cup, getting dressed sometimes proves to be a struggle. Case in point: button down shirts. They should be one of the easiest, most straightforward things to wear, until they actually turn out
Look Ma, no pants!
Fashion hack: the shirt as dress. Yup, we're giving you permission to leave your pants at home. And if this brings out violent reactions from your mother/ boyfriend/concerned BFF, tell them it's really no different from wearing a mini
1 top, 24 different looks. Meet the MORF.
Created by Israel-based designer Tamara Salem, the MORF is "a shirt that magically allows you to transform your look in up to 24 different ways." Want proof? Watch this video!Amazing, right? The secret lies in MORF's lack of a
On a tight shopping budget for a new school year or season? Curb the urge to splurge with these finds. There are dresses and tops for less than P700!
College Cosmo chicks are probably scrambling to finish their shopping for the new school year. It's really not the rush that's often the problem--it's the budget. With your limited shopping money, what pieces should you get? Those that
Take the holidays as an opportunity to upgrade his closet and <em>pa-pogi</em> habits. See 60 top picks in 12 categories.