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These benefits are exempted from income and withholding taxes.
Great news for expectant moms-the expanded maternity leave benefits were declared tax-free by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). In a memo posted last month, the BIR ruled that the salary differential under the Expanded Maternity Leave Law is a
It's Kang Ha Neul's comeback series!
There's an *adorbs* love story in town and it's unfolding through the K-drama When The Camellia Blooms! This new series (which you can watch on Netflix, BTW) is getting great reviews, and here's what you
Solo parenting isn't easy. Period.
Sunshine Cruz had to juggle her career, academics, and raising three daughters: Angelina, 18, Samantha, 15, and Chesca, 14.In a previous interview with, she revealed one of the biggest hurdles she faced."I had no money. I had no
From a proud SINGLE mom.
A month after the issue with the scantily-clad girl group that staged a "carwash" as their claim to fame on Pilipinas Got Talent, we were again gifted with words of wisdom by actor Robin Padilla.This time, the recipient was Kristel
Kiane Shannon Sophie Cañares, 21, leaves behind her three-year-old daughter.
The Cebu City Police Office (CCPO) are investigating the case of Kiane Shannon Sophie Cañares-the 21-year-old single mother and student of the University of San Carlos who took her own life in front of her three-year-old
'She is, and will always be, my hero.'
Raising a child with a partner is hard enough, so imagine how hard it is to raise one on your own. And not just one child, but four. All while holding down full-time work and odd jobs on the side. All
Listen to me, Senator: I’m proud of myself.
Senator, you don't know me, but let me tell you about myself. Maybe if you knew the stories of the very people you have promised to serve, you'd think twice about the jokes you spew.(Fair warning to readers before
TL;DR: Sen. Tito Sotto is not sorry for making fun of single moms but he's going to get away with it anyway.
Senator Tito Sotto does it again. The Senator, whose hallmark seems to be offending as many people as possible, made headlines yesterday when he insulted DSWD Secretary Judy Taguiwalo's status as a single mother during her Commission on Appointments hearing. Sotto
One of the guys didn't seem to care about the situation as long as he got laid.
Remember when I signed-up on Tinder just to tell guys that I was on my period? Well, I recently logged back on to the dating-slash-hook-up app on a mission to tell my matches that this time around "I&#
This is parenting done right!
As rewarding as it is, being a mom can also get tough-especially when you're doing it on your own. It takes a lot of patience, hard work, and determination, even more so when you have to balance it with an
'You are going to be a mom way before you're ready for it.'
Don't be alarmed, but your life as you know it now is about to change.You've been spending your days hanging out with friends, your nights reading in bed, your weekends at the mall watching a movie-but these little
'Who's the father?'
We hear this all the time, and we know you mean well by it, but the long and short of it is...we just suck it up and do it. We don't feel like heroes as we do our juggling act
They're naturally independent.
1. They're naturally independent. Since their baby-daddy is MIA, they have to work, raise a kid, and find personal time for themselves. They don't need a sugar daddy to take care of them. They can do it all on
Be very, very understanding.
1. Don't bring up her ex.Because that's none of your business...yet. Wait for her to open up about it but don't pry. She'll probably let you know what happened between them over time. As of the
They deserve Father’s Day greetings, too.
Here's a Father's Day ad you don't see very often: adults recounting their experiences about how it was like being raised by their single moms.The video by Angel Soft Tissue shows men and women talk about how their
She may play a struggling mother on TV, but in real life, the <i>Mara Clara</i> actress is a strong, confident, single mother of two boys. Peek at Cosmo's shoot with the trio!
We always encourage our Cosmo girls to be fun and fearless individuals, and every once in a while, we come across women who stand apart from the rest. This month, we've shined the spotlight on a particular type of woman to