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There's photo proof, y'all.
Where were you when you found out Zendaya and Tom Holland are a thing? I was scrolling on Instagram, minding my own business when I read that the Spider-Man: Homecoming costars were seen making out IN A CAR. Page Six has
My bb Tom!!!
In case you didn't hear, this fall, there was some drama about Spider-Man potentially leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and poor Tom Holland got caught up in the middle of all that. Tom still would have been able to play
Update as of September 27, 2019:Good news, friends. It looks like Marvel and Sony have come to a deal and not only will Spider-Man be staying in the MCU, but the two studios will also be working on the next
Tom proved that one does not need superhuman strength to help others in need.
Tom Holland may have played the fictional superhero Spider-Man, but he recently proved that he is a hero in real life.According to a report, Tom was in New York as he helped a young fan to safety after she experienced
Time to fly to Bali, stat!
Indonesians have been in for a treat.Tom Holland was in Bali as part of his press tour for the much-awaited Marvel sequel, Spider-Man: Far From Home.TV host Lyn Ching-Pascual, TV anchor Gretchen Fullido, and content creators Wil