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Spoiler alert: It's a lot of money!
If you haven't already binge-watched the ludicrously extravagant Bling Empire on Netflix, you're missing out. It features a ridiculously glam cast, obscene amounts of wealth and drama that makes Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn look like
Don't worry, it's not all bad.
I can't remember the last time I went without takeaway coffee in the morning and dread to think how much I've spent on my caffeine addiction over the years. But it's what wakes me up after a night
So. Many. Alice bands.
ICYMI, there's a new Gossip Girl in town-that's right, a reboot is on the way. Did I hear a Hallelujah? The limited-edition series will feature 10 one-hour episodes, and it will take place eight years
And how to restore the color of your already-faded pair.
Black jeans are a wardrobe staple for a reason: they're incredibly versatile. Whether you're popping down to the local shops or getting ready for a night out (ah, remember the days?), the denim number is a fail-safe wonder Kim Cattrall wanted more.
Sex and the City is coming back into our lives like a lovable zombie that simply won't stop doing the most-and the cast is making a fortune. You know, other than Kim Cattrall, who is not participating in And
No more guessing.
If you're like me, you don't think about getting a hair trim until it's way too late, your hair's got split ends, and the tips are fried. But since you're reading this
Be prepared to screenshot all of these.
Hot take: Round, short nails are the best nail shape of them all. Yep, I said it! Come for me! I don't care! As cool as longer, pointier nails look, they're naturally going to be a bit more
Oooh, so shiny!
2020 is just about over (thank God), but that means we'll be seeing tons of new fashion trends out there. From RTW to shoes and bags, there's a lot of ground to cover in 2021. But let'
Truly the liquidy treat your face deserves.
Until recently, I considered toner to be a kiiiind of a B.S. thing-an unnecessary step in the already-confusing world of skincare. But here's the thing: I was SO wrong (beauty editor fail, oops). Once I figured out
We're calling it now.
2020 may not have given us all the reasons to wear makeup (we may or not have answered Zoom calls camera off and wearing a sheet mask), but can we just be positive for a second and think about all the makeup
Here are five different ways to do it.
Cuffing your jeans is an extremely simple way to add a lil detail to your regular denim look. While it's had somewhat of an uncool rep in the past, the style is coming back and looks chicer than ever.You
It's something called an 'angel number.'
Ever glanced at the clock at 11:11? Or been daydreaming about moving to Antigua when a bird flew down and stared you right in the face? Those aren't just coincidences; they may have been signs from the Universe.Reading these
A trainer and a doctor weigh in.
Polycystic ovary syndrome-PCOS-is one of the most common hormonal disorders for women. But did you know that you can improve symptoms by following a PCOS diet?According to research, five to 10 percent of women have PCOS, although one in
This stylish mother-daughter pair has been taking #twinning to a whole new level!
Anne Curtis, a certified It girl and now full-fledged mom, has this contagious sartorial prowess that she's now passing on to her child. The 35-year-old actress has always been a style icon in her own right, and
Reading into every little thing at the moment? Same. Here's how to stop it.
It started with a heartbreak emoji. Or rather, a succession of them. A WhatsApp response to my glowing review of a Very Sad Film the guy I'm dating had recommended. So far, so normal. Then...nada. For, what felt like incredibly
Clear skin is just a handful of products away.
Breakouts are undeniably stress-inducing in their own right, but their byproduct scarring can have just as much of an impact on your self-esteem. Scars seem more permanent than blemishes and are often trickier to treat. Thankfully, there are several targeted
Experts explain the difference between real and lab-grown diamonds.
Shopping for a real diamond, or diamond jewelry of any kind can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you don't really know what you're doing. And let's be honest-who does?You're making a
With a scent as sweet as a text from your crush!
The human body's olfactory sense is a fascinating thing. As with sight, your ability to smell is a way of navigating through the world, and it is essential for both identifying the uniqueness of new things. Holding onto the familiarity
All of the tips you need to know.
It feels like tattoos have been everywhere these past couple of years (literally, everyone and their mother seems to have one). The spike in popularity makes sense, too-more precise needles have made it even easier to get fine lines and super-
So fresh and dainty!
ICYMI, Erich Gonzales recently vacationed in Amanpulo a few weeks ago and her gorgeous photos are still making our dream of soaking up some sunshine and enjoying the beaches in Palawan, too! Apart from all the cute swimwear we spotted her wearing,