It's not the only color you can wear on the Day of Hearts.
Dressing up for Valentine's Day doesn't need to call for the color red; some may find it cheesy or too obvious. But if you're aiming to still look ~*in love*~ on February 14, check out these
Nobody wants a boring gift.
Fashion gifts are a no-fail way to make your girl friends kilig. Here, a roundup of stylish gift suggestions for the women on your list:Here's an eco-friendly way to support your friend's ~wise~ shopping habits: reusable totes
Why is the high-fashion life so hard?
Alright, here's the deal: Bell-sleeves can be really pretty. I wore a top with them the other week that got me tons of compliments-that felt nice! But with the style so prevalent nowadays-like, you really can'
It's your next summer uniform.
For the past two summers, off-the-shoulder tops were the mainstays of our OOTDs. But for 2018, a newcomer has emerged: Puff sleeve tops! The cloud-like sleeves give your look a boho touch and provide breathable room to your arms (
Flirty and pretty at the same time.
The thing with ruffles is you either love 'em or hate 'em. But if your OOTDs are dying for a bit of thrill, then these pretty frills should do just the trick. From tops, skirts, trousers, and even shoes see the feminine
Brb, buying one now.
This perfect-for-summer top has been making the rounds for its Insta-style and here's why: It has a sweet Bardot neckline, it's absolutely flattering, and it comes in a series of styles and colors-how can we
There's nothing subtle about these.
Over-the-top sleeves are our current bet for making a statement! Whether tucked into cropped trousers and paired with low-heeled pumps, or worn with ripped jeans and white sneakers, these styles below are hardly for the faint of heart.Embroidered
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