It's got something to do with metabolism.
Putting on five pounds when you're 5'10" is NBD-you might not even ~notice~ it. But when you're 5'2"? It can feel like an emergency situation.But here's where things get really, really frustrating: Losing those same
'I've been gaining so much weight. And I've been really sad about it.'
We've come to know Isabelle Daza as a fitness buff who would train almost every day to stay in shape. Now that she's in her third trimester of pregnancy, Belle still keeps an active lifestyle.Recently, Belle posted
Are you feeling pressure to shape up before your big day?
Looking your best means something different for each woman, especially when it comes to her wedding day. Some do whatever it takes to get a slimmer figure, while others prefer to highlight their assets without pursuing any drastic changes before The Big
Yes, really.
It seems like every day heterosexual women are taking to the Internet to seek relationship advice because of their crappy boyfriends. First, we had the incredible woman who said her partner wouldn't introduce her to his friends because she wasn&#
Proceed with caution, CGs.
The prospect of losing weight and increasing your fitness can be a daunting one, and it's for that reason many people try to short-circuit the age-old tried-and-tested method of "eat well and exercise."Instead, many of us
An ode to working out for yourself, not a number.
When I began working as the editorial assistant at the day after I graduated college two years ago, I invested every ounce of energy into my dream job, hustling to prove myself in the Real World.The only downside? Between
Weight, like age, is just a number.
Dieting is or has been a part of every woman's life. And most of the time, it wasn't her idea. We're taught to obsess over our weight, to quietly reprimand ourselves whenever we gain that pound back. So we
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