It's got to go somewhere, right?
If you think about it, losing weight is actually kind of a mind-boggling thing. One minute you're carrying the extra pounds, but after a stint of healthy eating and regular exercise, you're physically smaller. So where does
Ready for some fitspiration?
Following a series of indulgent trips overseas, Marga Banaga, a talent executive for Nuffnang Philippines, reached her heaviest weight in six years. "I became depressed. I no longer felt like my real self and that's when I knew something had
Set your alarms early, girls. It'll be worth it.
Exercising at any time is always good for you, but you'll get better results if you tumble out of bed and get going in the A.M.Researchers in North Carolina have discovered that those who work out early not only
Groundbreaking news for people who hate breakfast.
For years we've been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but skipping it might not be so bad after all. Tim Spector, a professor of Genetic Epidemiology at King's College in London, reveals there aren'
Need motivation? Pay a friend for every day you don't work out.
Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in the U.S. have been examining whether financial incentives may help increase the levels of physical activity among overweight and obese adults.In a new study, 281 participants were each given the
#ThatMomentWhen your metabolism gets used to your workout.
Hey, we won't deny it: More exercise means a thinner you.But only up to an extent. When you start to get into an exercise habit, your metabolism expenditure gets revved up. But as you get more active, the calorie-burning
Your favorite food becomes your worst enemy.
1. Your favorite food becomes your worst enemy.The bag of chips is tempting you every single minute to just indulge. You feel like it's calling out to you, and it's telling you that you'll be so, so happy
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