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I am a believer.
I was born with extremely oily skin. I have accepted my fate, so I was always very religious in trying every bottle and tub of pore-purging products.Every time I went for a facial, though, the aesthetician would always point out
Don't worry if you can't find it. ;)
COSRX's AHA Whitehead Power Liquid has gone viral, thanks to this Redditor's story on how it *cured* her whiteheads. ICYDK, AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) gently removes the bacteria and gunk in your pores that cause unsightly whiteheads and
BRB—buying a bottle immediately.
Whiteheads suck. Whiteheads suck so hard, that if you Google whiteheads, you'll find almost 30 million articles, videos, and products devoted to helping you get rid of the damn things.And it's because unlike classic acne, which eventually pops
That you can totally buy in the Philippines!
Instagram/kyliejennerMinus the glam teams and lavish lifestyles, celebrities are really just like us: they get tired and stressed, and suffer skin problems. While they can easily afford to book a trip to the derma to get their flawless faces back, some
Because staying hot takes a tremendous amount of effort.
10. PLUCKINGWhen we're too cheap to haul ourselves to the nearest waxing salon, we reach for our trusty tweezers and mass-pluck. In front of the mirror. In unglamorous pretzel positions. True story.9. WAXING OUR UPPER LIPSome girls are born's beauty columnist Bianca Valerio answers another question posted on Twitter, this time about the causes and cure for one of the most common skin problems.
Twitter question from @itsmearjorie: "Ms. Bianca, what is the best way to prevent blackheads and whiteheads?"Almost everyone, even those with great-looking skin, suffers from occasional blackheads and whiteheads.First let's differentiate the two: a whitehead is formed when the