You exchange regular texts, spend a couple of nights a week together, and know all of each other's friends. Everything is great except for one problem: He's not officially your boyfriend.
They say you get what you give. But why not get what you give at the same time via Cosmo's new and improved versions of 69?
Do you know what an "N-Spot" is?
Wondering if your boyfriend or crush is really who the stars destined for you? Just for fun, click through the pages for your sign to find out!
V-Day may be a few weeks away, but you can get some insight on what Cupid has in store for you this year as early as now! Click through the pages for your sign!
Suss out your financial situation and find out if you'll be making big bucks or should be living more frugally this year. Click through the pages for your sign!
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