The Best Barkada And BFF Poses, Holiday Edition

Pics or it didn't happen!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/sueannadoodles, (RIGHT) Instagram/nicole_andersson

The holidays are the perfect time to catch up with your closest friends. Because it's a given that you'll take pics to document everything, we came up with the coolest poses you can try, wherever you guys are planning to hang out.


Celebrating Christmas at your fave restaurant is the best!

Have a tight group hug with your friends.

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Wine, kwento, and besties? Sounds like a great holiday get-together!

How about a super goofy pic with your BFF?

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Take advantage of the cool lighting in the resto.


#TeamBahay all the way to the holiday.

Wear the coziest sweaters and the cutest Christmas-themed accessories.

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Choose the best corner in the house with wine glasses in your hands.


You guys are dressed in the fanciest threads so you just have to take pics!

TBH, the best party pics are the random and blurry ones!

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Squeeze in the frame!

Formal wear doesn't require formal poses.

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Look for a sparkly backdrop and stand super close to each other.


Most barkada hangouts happen in the mall so it's best to find the coolest yet unique spots to take pics.

It's the perfect opportunity to try out the merchandise with your BFF!

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When you know y'all are cute.


Going out of town? Capture your excitement at the airport!

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Going on a shopping/exploring trip overseas? Try these poses!

Make it as candid-looking as possible.

The city skyline can be your best backdrop!

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A crossing-the-street photo will always be worthy of double-taps.

See a mirror? Do touristy poses and take a photo of your reflection.

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Vacation leaves are really meant for beach trips. Traveling during the holidays makes it even more special.

Use a drone (or ask someone from the balcony) to take a pic so the shore can be included in the frame.

Pose like you guys are dropping the sickest album.

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A funny BTS pic always gives GVs.


Venues like these have the grandest Christmas decorations.

Let that tree give a bokeh effect to your group pic.

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When you want the room to speak for itself.

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