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20 Cute Ways To Pose With Food

Because pics or it didn't happen, LOL!
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/shotfromthestreet, Instagram/lovipoe

It's one thing to take artsy food blogger-ish grub photos, but it's way more diiferent when you're posing with your meal. Below, we give you ideas on how to look cute in your "what I ate today" pics!

  1. Make everyone know that you're about to have the best breakfast ever.

  2. Or go au naturel while eating your first meal of the day!

  3. How about a candid pic with cotton candy?

  4. A photo with a delicious-looking ice cream cone will always be double tap-worthy.

  5. Make use of the hot summer weather by putting on shades and treating yourself to a tall glass of iced coffee.

  6. Who says a lollipop will make your photo look childish?

  7. Or just be straight-up goofy! 

  8. Be a cutie patootie by covering your face with your two hands.

  9. Haute couture with hot fries? YES.

  10. Pizza is eternal—that's a globally known fact.

  11. Multitask: Eat dinner while relaxing in a bubble bath.

  12. Match your drink with your outfit.

  13. A little foam-stache would look super adorbs.

  14. Place a huge ball of cotton candy near your face or on top of your head for size reference.

  15. In a dark restaurant? Take advantage of flash photography!

  16. Show off your kitchen skills.

  17. Share a BTS of your artsy food shot, LOL.

  18. Take a "romantic" shot with your meal.

  19. Any iced drink can act as a chic accessory.

  20. We should never forget the obligatory coffee + brekky shot in a pretty café.

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