The Best Selfie Tricks We Learned From Elisse Joson

The girl knows her best angles!
PHOTO: Instagram/elissejoson

It's a struggle to take a decent photo of yourself. You'll maybe have 30 pictures on your camera roll and still not get *the perfect* shot. But you know who has mastered the art of selfiesElisse Joson! We went through her feed and compiled some posing tricks you can pick up for your next GGSS moment.

Position the camera a few inches above your head for a flattering angle.

Take advantage of the sunlight for an instant glass skin glow.

Tousled hair plus a basic outfit make an effortless selfie.

Cover a part of your face with your hand to feel and look less awkward.

Cliché as they may be, #IWokeUpLikeThis selfies always work.

Pose near the window for a no-filter look.

A play of light and shadows is a good idea, too!

Spot a mirror? Take a sneaky OOTD shot.

If you're running out of ideas, take selfies in the car!

Slide down the windows for variety. ;)

Do the head tilt! Bonus points if your hair is a sexy mess.

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