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Gabbi Garcia Gets Real About Her Beauty Mistakes, Insecurities, And Bashers

'I'm still learning. It's an unending process.'

With major endorsements deals, lead roles on TV and film projects, and a smooth-sailing love life, it seems like nothing can stop Gabbi Garcia. But this 20-year-old is just like any other girl—she makes mistakes and has insecurities. And because she's an actress, every move she makes can be criticized by the public.

In this Cosmo Beauty Bio, we got ready with Gabbi and talked beauty and bashers. Read on.

Mixi Ignacio

She styled her own hair for the first time, and it was a huge fail.

Gabbi shared that she didn't need to style her tresses when she was younger so she did not have a clue about hair tools. "When I was in high school, I had super long, jet black hair. Then it was so easy for me to style because it was so bagsak. So I didn't need to plantsa or blow-dry my hair." 

"When I first tried curling my hair, it was a disaster! It was for my first ever TV guesting, Don't search for it. It was so bad, like tikwas tikwas, palabas. As in sinita ako ng management ko na 'don't ever do that again,' ganoon," she recalled.

But now, Gabbi knows what works for her features. "If I’m the one who’s going to style my hair, it’s gonna be a low-pony tapos may hati sa gitna or like a low bun. I’m going to curl my hair if it’s like a formal event or a mall show."

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Gabbi turns to easy-to-use hair tools when she does DIY styling. Mixi Ignacio

She has a low-maintenance routine on her days off.

Just like us, Gabbi wants to keep her routine simple when she doesn't have to go to work. "I don’t usually put on [heavy] makeup on a normal day. I just put on cheek tint, brush my brows, curl my lashes, and then lipstick. I just conceal my eyebags. Yun lang," she detailed. 


She has a funny story about her recent haircut!

Gabbi got a lob in April 2019, and we did not realize that there was a back story. Gabbi revealed that it was cut waaay too short in the back. "At first, I was really surprised na it’s so short talaga, and yung hairstyle ko'di siya pantay because we made a mistake. Pinatali ko yung hair ko tapos sabi ko, 'Up pa!' tapos pagkagupit, super short pala. Nagwala ako, pumasok si Jason [Delos Reyes, makeup artist] on cue, 'Anong ginawa niyo?!' Sabi ko, 'Oh my god sobrang short ba?' Tapos talagang hinabol ni Mark yung gupit kaya naging a-line bob siya. Kaya may pang-daya ako. Pero if I do like a half-pony, it’s super short [near the nape]," she recalled.

Her secret to healthy hair, skin, and nails? Vitamins!

Gabbi shared that her mom taught her to take supplements regularly. "My mom would often tell me to drink my vitamin E. She takes everything, vitamin A, B, C—everything." Plus, we also found out her secret to shiny, long locks: "I take biotin, for my hair and nails."


Gabbi never takes skincare for granted.

Teleserye taping schedules are crazy—sometimes, Gabbi works straight for a whole day! So after seeing her glowing complexion IRL, we had to ask what her secret was. She dropped a truth bomb that we all already know but take for granted.

Gabbi on never skipping skincare: "If I go home at 9 a.m., I will still apply my night routine, then I'll wake up at 1 p.m. to apply my morning routine." Mixi Ignacio

"Never skip your skincare routine. Never ever be tamad with applying your skincare, morning and night. For example nag-pack up ako ng 4 a.m., pagsakay na pagsakay ko ng car, I use makeup remover na agad. Then when I get home, I wash, then put on my skincare products. Like, if I go home at 9 a.m., I will still apply my night routine, then I'll wake up at 1 p.m. to apply my morning routine. I’m super religious when it comes to skincare," she confessed.

She's praning when it comes to pimples.

Gabbi goes straight to her dermatologist to get a KI injection when she notices a pimple starting to appear. "Papa-inject agad. I swear, kahit ano pang time 'yan, kahit ano pang branch, I need to have the zit gone!" she declared.

Gabbi is proud of her morena skin tone.

She explained that it's important to love her skin tone—especially when she receives mean comments or DMs on social media, "‘Cause that’s being Filipina 'di ba. Wala, I just got really triggered when people started messaging me na parang ang itim ko sa TV. Like people would tell me I need to get whiter to get an endorsement. I told the people na 'No, they’re gonna get me for my morena skin,'" she said. 

Gabbi, on being morena: "We shouldn't jump to conclusions when it comes to what's beautiful and what's not." Mixi Ignacio

Gabbi also shared a sad experience she had as a morena teen, "Back in the early 2000s, people would embrace yung mga mestiza, yung mga half-half. I was pure Filipina. Whenever I attended VTRs or like I was aiming to get this commercial, I would always end up shortlisted but I would not get the role. Because the mestizas would end up getting the role, the foreigner. When it comes to modeling or commercials, parang I had no place. I'm lucky that I grew up with a good support system. My parents never really got the idea [na] 'Hala, ang itim ng anak ko.' Nothing. Ang sinasabi nila sa'kin, 'Si Joyce Jimenez kakulay mo.'  I never really looked at being morena as a disadvantage."


Gabbi has the smartest clapback for people who still believe morena is not beautiful. 

Learn Gabbi's quote by heart if you're a morena who needs to shut down haters: "I think we all need to adapt slowly when it comes to opinions of the society. We shouldn't jump to conclusions when it comes to what's beautiful and what's not."

She believes that at work, it does not always "glitter and butterflies."

Gabbi knows that when it comes to any type of work, it's not always going to be easy. To motivate herself, she thinks of her "why." 

"TV work is exhausting; it’s draining. But then at the end of the day, you’re here, you took this job, why are you here? It’s because you love the business 'di ba?" she shared.

"And I go back to my core which is my family and my faith. This is the path I wanted to take, way before. It’s not always, you know, glitter and butterflies, it’s not always happy moments. There's a downside, too. Like no job is easy 'di ba. It’s not always comfortable. You also have to make sacrifices for the things you love, for the people you love," she explained.

Gabbi on insecurities: "Well, I have my bad days. Like I also get insecure, but it’s how you handle your insecurity." Mixi Ignacio

Her mantra for bashers: "Ignore them"

Gabbi's exposed to all types of comments—whether mean or nice. Here's how she deals with her haters: "I’m still learning. It’s an unending process of just learning how to ignore them because, at the end of the day, you’re just going to absorb the negativity. You’re just going to be in bed and think about all the bad stuff they say about you.


"I won't lie, I can't say na 'don't think about them' kasi that's not going happen, right? So it's just, again, how you handle the things that they say. If they say something bad about me, I just think “This is not true, why would I mind these things?" she explained.

She gets insecure, too.

Just like most of us, Gabbi has moments when she feels uncertain about herself. "Well, I have my bad days. Like I also get insecure, but it’s how you handle your insecurity. It’s okay to get insecure. I'm not [a] perfect celebrity [who will tell you] 'don't get insecure,' [because it's up to you to use] those insecurities to bring you down or lift you up," she advised.

But she never forgets to dream!

Gabbi calls herself a goal-getter. "I never stop dreaming kasi, so after I achieve one goal, I dream again. The downside of it is that I tend to really be atat or I tend to rush things and forget na I’m only 20. But I feel like it’s a good problem," she explained.


"I recently got a house for the family. My next goal is to buy a place for myself—that's part of the wishlist," Gabbi shared.


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