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5 Things You Should Know Before Getting Baby Bangs

Are you really ready for it?
PHOTO: Instagram/maguimari

By now you've seen Emma Watson's new adorable baby bangs. The actress and activist debuted the new 'do when she shared her latest book recommendation for Our Shared Shelf, a feminist book club, on Instagram and flaunted it during the 2018 Golden Globes.

And we're not going to lie, we wanted to get baby bangs for ourselves. Are you thinking of getting one, too? Before you head to the nearest salon, take note of these first!

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It's a big commitment.

Baby bangs are short. As in REALLY SHORT. To get the right look for your features and hair texture, consult your stylist first!

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They're not for lazy people.

ICYDK, short hair is high maintenance. If you're just a "shampoo-and-go" kind of gal, then baby bangs may not be for you. You might need oils, serums, and other hot tools to get the right bend and wave to them.

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Make sure you have a mini flat iron.

According to Fashionista, when it comes to baby bangs, a ~mini flat iron~ will be your best friend. The length of the hair can't be reached by a regular iron, so a tiny one will style your fringe properly.

Never DIY it.

You've seen all those funny videos of people cutting their own bangs and ruining their hair, right? This look is best left to the pros. ;)

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You can get it even if you have curly hair.

It will result to a K-beauty-inspired shag! (Ed's note: Curly baby bangs will require even more care and maintenance.)

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