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Here Are The Popular Korean Hairstyles You Can Try Right Now

Are you going to give yourself some '80s-inspired curls or a boyish bob?
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They're known for their innovative skincare ingredients and cute and trendy cosmetic packaging, but their hair looks are something you should watch for, too. Just like the French, Koreans have hairstyles that look effortless and strategically imperfect, giving their features a ~*youth-boosting*~ effect.

If you're ready to take your K-beauty addiction to the next level, read on for the 10 hairdos you can ask for the next time you visit the salon!

Textured Waves 

Not caring about which way your hair is parted is part of the ~*coolness*~ of this look.

Sleek Half-Pony 

But if you want to look more put-together, this one is perfect for you. Whether your hair is straight, curly, or wavy, it'll still look beautiful.

Boyish Bob 

The longer version of a bowl cut, this rendition calls for a bit of layers to give it texture and movement.

Tousled Hair 

Combining wavy and straight pieces, tossing it over to the side, and messing it up will result in the perfect "don't care" hairstyle!

Low Ponytail 

The Korean version of a low ponytail entails adding waves to give it volume, as well as taking out a few small pieces of hair to make it look "undone."

Wavy Bob 

Basically, this is Anna Wintour's signature bob but with more waves to frame the face!

'80s Curls 

Big, bold, and voluminous; when combined with their makeup trends, it just looks stylish and edgy.

Oval-Shaped Bob 

If you're afraid of cutting your hair short, you can start out with this one as it's similar to a lob!

The Shag 

If you're feeling bored with all the bobs, lobs, and waves, try this one to give yourself a chic yet dramatic change!

Romantic Curls 

One of the most famous Korean hairstyles today. To get the look, you'll need to part your hair in the center and give yourself a ton of ~*waves*~!

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