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3 Simple Changes I Made To Reduce My Hair Fall

No extreme fancy hacks or expensive products!
How To Stop Hair Fall
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Ever since the quarantine has started, I noticed that the amount of hair fall I had every day was alarming. Whenever I took a shampoo my locks, I would get a bunch of strands on my hand. I would sometimes worry if I already had a bald spot that I did not know of. I also found a ridiculous amount of hair on my pillow and bed. I knew I had to something.

I did my research (we've got a complete guide here!) and chose those I could easily do while in quarantine. Here are the three simple lifestyle changes I made.


All The Things You Can Try To Reduce Hair Fall

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  1. I massaged a hair tonic on my scalp after I shower.

    I was already using a sulfate-free shampoo, a gentle conditioner, and a rinsing vinegar. There was just one product missing: Hair tonic. This one from Watsons is such a great find—I couldn't stop raving about this product! I've been using it for more than a month, and I can't believe that it has improved my scalp condition. It's less greasy and dandruff-free. And because my scalp is healthy, my tresses are also stronger.

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    How To Prevent Hair Fall

    Watsons Aloe Vera Hair Tonic, P229, Watsons

  2. I switched to a silk pillowcase.

    Yes, it's true. A silk pillowcase can help reduce hair breakage. This glossy material won't tug on your locks while you toss and turn while you snooze.

    How To Prevent Hair Fall
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    Almata Silk Pillowcase, P350/2 pieces, Almata


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  3. I learned how to chill.

    Not gonna lie, this whole pandemic has affected the way I perceive things in life. I started to overthink and worry about everything. Stress affects your body and its physical manifestations include breakouts (that's another story), sleeplessness, and hair fall. 

    Even if I changed my hair care routine or bought a super expensive pillowcase, these will all go to waste if I keep on getting stressed. I listened to a ridiculous amount of podcasts to help manage my mindset and emotions. It was a long, learning process, and I know I have  A LOT to discover about this topic.

    I chose my battles. If I couldn't change it, I would just let it go. It's a waste of time and energy anyway. Slowly, I noticed that my hair bed and floor do not have excessive strands anymore. Managing my emotions and overthinking has helped heaps!

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