Here Are The Best Lobs For Your Face Shape

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The swag and chillaxed, messy fringes may be the It haircuts of the moment, but the lob is just as popular as it was before. Because really, how could you not love the lob??? It's universally flattering, it will give your locks a ton of volume, and you don't have to worry about pieces of your hair sticking to your forehead when you're hot and sweaty.

It's the perfect haircut for any season, so if you're looking to get your own lob soon, here are the best styles for your face shape:


A lob without layers will hang down your face and soften the wideness of your jaws and cheeks. So kick it old school and go for a single angular length!


For round-faced girls, on the other hand, opt for a lob with a lot of texture and layersalmost shaggy—to emphasize the contours of your face. 

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First of all, you're lucky because any hairstyle looks great on you! Second, if you're going for a lob, opt for polished waves that look like they've been brushed through for a chic, softening look.


A single-length cut will soften your jaw line, but to amp it up, curl your hair into loose, beachy waves for a youthful look.


Just like round face shapes, you need tons of texture and layers, too. This opens up your features, making them look more inviting; who wouldn't want that, right?

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