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The Cutest Ways To Style A Lob, As Seen On BLACKPINK's Jennie

You can do these by yourself!
PHOTO: Instagram/jennierubyjane

The lob (aka a "long bob") has been a popular choice since 2013, so we won't be surprised if you're wearing the exact hairstyle right now. Its length—which sits right below the collarbone—makes it a versatile haircut. You can style it in many ways, and you don't need to be an expert to get them done. BLACKPINK's Jennie Kim is currently sporting a blunt lob, and she's serving us the cutest shoulder-length hairstyles we can certainly do by ourselves. Check out all her lewks below:

  1. Middle-part + hairpins

    This one is screaming '90s It Girl, and we're all for it!

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  2. S-Curls

    This is proof that you can never go wrong with K-style soft wavy hair like Jennie's.

  3. Hun

    That tiny bun at the back of her head definitely added a cute touch to her look.

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  4. Undone waves + headband

    We're copying this hairstyle by following this tutorial—we already have our velvet headbands ready!

  5. Sleek and straight

    Jennie's blunt cut looked razor-sharp after it was straightened with a flat iron.

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  6. Undone hun

    Okay, this is not exactly something you would wear outside. But you have to admit, our Jennie looks cute in this undone hun!

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