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Here's How You Can Do Messy Waves On Your Own With Just A Hair Iron

It's too easy, I swear.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/chiefilomeno, (RIGHT) Instagram/lucyhale

After years of stalking every celeb Insta, we can safely conclude that the messy waves/undone waves/hair bends is the fave hairstyle of the stars. From Hollywood to local showbiz, the ‘do has been a go-to choice of celebrities for shoots, guest appearances, and special events.

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Why does it work? The hairstyle gives a relaxed effect. It’s not nakakaumay or too stiff. It looks natural so it’s great for every day, too—even for us! 

Before you get discouraged by the thought that the artistas have hairstylists to do it for them, take a look at this mind-blowing quick tutorial by beauty influencer, Tanya Burr. On her IGTV, she shared how she does her signature undone waves look by herself.

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Here’s how Tanya does it: She starts by blow-drying her locks. Then, she grabs a random small section of her hair, forms it into a wave, and presses it in between the flat iron plates. She repeats this step until her whole head is done. No hairstylist required! We also think it’s waaay easier than the curling the hair with a straightener the old way!

Watch the whole video for a more detailed demonstration:

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