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This IG-Worthy Hair Accessory Is Actually Pricey AF

How much are you willing to splurge on a hair accessory?
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/charliemanapat, (RIGHT) Instagram/iamandalioloisa

Ribbons are one of the hair accessories we've seen become popular again this year; in fact, we always see it in our Instagram and Pinterest feeds! Have you noticed, though, how almost all of those pretty hairstyles were loosely wrapped in ~*Chanel ribbons*~? Here are a few prime examples:

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It's not just fashionistas and influencers who are into the trend, but celebs, too! Loisa Andalio paired her hairdo with doe eyes and rosy lips—anyone else getting Snow White vibes with her look?

Meanwhile, Elisse Joson used it to accentuate her half-ponytail:

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Mariel Rodriguez also used the designer ribbon to make her ponytail look extra perky.

If, like us, you thought you could just head down to a Chanel boutique and ask for one pretty piece of cloth, think again. Chanel doesn't actually sell these ribbons as accessories. They only come with their shopping bags—It's a cool way to repurpose it!—which means you'd have to spend at least P50,000 on something from the fashion house.

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Err, we'll just stick to using regular gift-wrapping ribbons on our hair for now.

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