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Chie Filomeno's Haircut Is *Perfect* For Summer

Short hair is IN!
PHOTO: Instagram/chiefilomeno

Chie Filomeno has been sporting a chic lob for months. We love how her tresses graze her shoulders, and how it emphasizes her collarbones, especially when she wears strapless tops. See Exhibit A here:

And Exhibit B:

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But, Chie decided to switch things up. She recently got her shoulder-length tresses trimmed into a bob, and we think it's perfect for summer! The haircut allows the cool breeze to touch her exposed nape, neck, and shoulders.

If you want to score the same light and fresh haircut, book an appointment at The Bloc By Junie Sierra and Co. at Bonifacio High Street. Chie was lucky to have Junie Sierra himself, the Creative Director, to cut her hair. Expect to shell out P2,000 if you want Junie to give your hair a makeover. But in case you're interested to try their highly skilled Creative and Senior Stylists, a haircut from them will cost P1,500 and P1,200, respectively.

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