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8 Things People With Edgy Haircuts + Hair Colors Are Tired Of Hearing

The comments can't stop, won't stop.
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It's already 2019, but our society still has some pretty strong beliefs about hair, resulting in stigma against women with short hair or rainbow colored hair. And when they challenge those so-called rules? They're met with passive-aggressive comments such as these:

P.S. If you ever encounter one of these comments, here's what you can reply!

  1. "Why did you cut your hair? May pinagdadaanan ka?"

    Girl, no, I just felt like it. :)

  2. "You look like a boy."

    FYI, undercuts and pixie cuts are hot rn.

  3. "Your hair's so buhaghag. You should get it straightened."

    No, thanks! I like my hair's natural texture!

  4. "Ang distracting ng hair color mo."

    I think you mean ~*dazzling*~. And yes, it is.

  5. "You look like a homeless girl."

    You WISH you could get the same grittiness and texture my hair has. And in case you're wondering, you can achieve the same style through salt sprays and texturizing sprays. You're welcome!


  6. "Your hair is too big and curly."

    Why thank you—that's the exact look I wanted!

  7. "Blonde makes you look mean."

    Oh I just have an RBF (resting bitch face)!

  8. "Moms aren't supposed to have pink hair."

    Could you please tell me what hairstyle or hair colors moms are supposed to have?

The comments mentioned above are annoying AF to hear, right? Eight Pinays shared the insulting mema things people said about their hair on camera, and they only had one thing to say to the haters who told them to change their hair: "No way." We ARE in 2019, and every woman out there is free to wear her hair her way! Watch the complete video of Dove's #MyHairMySay campaign below:

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