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A 'Cure' For Gray Hair Is On The Way!

And it was actually discovered by accident.
PHOTO: Chris Eckert/Studio D

While there's nothing wrong with having gray hair, for most Pinays, it's still a cause for panic, especially if they start getting it when they're young. While there are other factors to consider when you spot your first gray hair—such as stress, genetics, your environment—we wouldn't be surprised if you started to dye it the minute you saw it.

BUT, you may not even have to be concerned about it anymore because scientists from the University Of Texas Southwestern Medical Center discovered a possible cure! Refinery29 reports that while studying the growth of cancerous tumors in mice, they found a protein called stem cell factor (or SCF) that is essential for hair pigmentation. Basically, if you delete it, hair turns as *white* as a ghost.

SCF is already known in the scientific community as significant for pigmented cells. But what they didn't know is that when SCF moves down to the base of hair follicles, it ~interacts~ with cells responsible for pigmentation and helps create pigmented hairs!

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Dr. Lu Le of the Harold C. Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center at UT Southwestern said, "With this knowledge, we hope in the future to create a topical compound to safely deliver the necessary gene to hair follicles to correct these cosmetic problems."

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In other words: a "cure" for grays, and not just a temporary fix like hair dye!

We're crossing our fingers they'll be able to create, test, and release it soon.

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