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10 Pretty Hairstyles You Can Do By Yourself For Your Quarantine Wedding

Easy Wedding Hairstyles
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Couples who still push through their wedding dates during the pandemic are now opting for simpler and more intimate ceremonies since mass gatherings aren't recommended. This led to most brides scaling down their looks—most ladies prefer to wear modest dresses than grand gowns. Also, there is a rise in brides choosing to be their own glam team. 

If you're a quarantine bride, we made things easier for you. Below, the polished hairstyles that you do by yourself—we promise!

  1. Low bun

    Part your hair on one side and gather all your tresses and tie it to a low ponytail. Coil it to create a low bun.

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  2. Barrettes

    This hairstyle looks good whether you opt to curl or straighten your hair. Part your hair in the center and place pretty barrettes on each side.

  3. Side ponytail

    Whether you curl or straighten your strands, this hairstyle is pretty easy to master!

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  4. Straight and sleek

    Keep things simple by creating a center part and pressing your strands with a straightener. Massage some shine serum on the ends for a glossy, more polished look.

  5. High ponytail

    If you want to look extra sophisticated and put together, style your hair into a high ponytail.

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  6. Soft high bun

    A high bun can look youthful if you style a center part and bunch up the hair loosely to create a soft, romantic effect.

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  7. Loose waves

    You don't really need a curling iron to produce beachy waves. Try this heat-free and tamad-girl friendly method: Tie your damp hair in a bun and let the curls set for a few hours. Unravel the waves and brush to create the desired look. Spritz hairspray to lock in the curls.

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  8. Half ponytail

    Make an ordinary half-ponytail look special by letting some side bangs frame the face.

  9. '90s Flipped Ends Lob

    If you're used to straightening your hair, this look is pretty easy to score. Simply grab a flat iron and flip the ends inwards to create a voluminous and bouncy effect.

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  10. Low Ponytail with Big Bow

    Elevate a simple low ponytail by adding a silk bow.

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