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Want K-Style Bangs? Here's How You Can Do It By Yourself

Dare to be a DIY kween this 2021!
PHOTO: YouTube/Hiyena

You're probably itching for a hair makeover but you're tamad to go out of the house. While nothing could ever substitute the professional skills of salon stylists, we can't blame you if you want to try a DIY haircut.

If you really can't wait to get a hair makeover, then we encourage you to be bold enough to go the DIY route. For starters, try K-style bangs. This haircut isn't as drastic as chopping inches off your locks. Plus, a Korean fringe can be easily grown out or hidden—there's no reason to be scared!

Ready for a sariling-sikap makeover? Check out these K-style bangs haircut tutorials we found.

(Ed's note: Please watch the video many times and equip yourself with the right tools before proceeding.)

How to cut Korean style side-swept bangs

If you covet the soft side-swept look, this video will walk you through techniques like sectioning the proper amount of hair to get the correct cutting angle.


How to cut side-swept bangs, Korean style

How to cut Korean style sheer bangs

Sheer bangs are great for those who aren't too sure yet if they want a fringe in their life. (ICYDK, getting bangs changes your lifestyle.) You can easily tuck away the strands if you're not feeling them. (This tutorial is in Korean, but you can switch on the English subtitles.)

How to cut Korean style sheer bangs

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