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I Tried Fake Bangs For A Week To See If I *Really* Wanted To Cut My Hair

Am I ready to commit or is it just a phase?

When a girl changes her hair, people assume it's because may pinagdadaanan siya, whether it's a recent heartbreak (the most popular stereotype), work stress, or any other reason unrelated to actually wanting to change her hairstyle. I admit to cutting or coloring my tresses in an attempt to make me feel better about myself, but there have also been times when I wanted to change things up just because. 

I wanted to get a fringe because I was bored with my hair, and I was inggit with everyone cutting their bangs. I've only gotten bangs a handful of times in my life because they're pretty difficult to maintain on my frizzy, wavy locks—I'd have to iron them to achieve the look I wanted. To make sure that I was ready to commit to the daily styling and awkward grow-out period (for when I decide I don't want bangs anymore), I wore clip-on bangs from Tokyo Posh for a week to see if I really wanted to hair makeover.

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I went to Tokyo Posh to search for the cutest clip-on bangs. Courtesy of Paulina Paras

Day 1

Since it was a chill Sunday, I opted to tie my hair in a messy ponytail. I got the Full Bangs Extended style from Tokyo Posh because I could try multiple ways to wear it. For Day 1, I chose the side-swept look.

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Day 1: Side-swept bangs COURTESY OF PAULINA PARAS

Day 2

It was really hot outside so I was thankful that my bangs were temporary. I had the option to remove them whenever I wanted to. I wore my hair down and put the clip-ons on when I got to work. I was greeted by a lot of "uy, new hair" and "bagay yung bangs" compliments from my colleagues. 

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I got a lot of compliments today! COURTESY OF PAULINA PARAS

Day 3

To make things more interesting, I decided to style the clip-ons into curtain bangs, and it worked! I paired the look with a red lip and loved the result.

I tried curtain bangs + a red lip. COURTESY OF PAULINA PARAS
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Day 4

I was tamad to style my hair that day, so I kept it down, put on my fake bangs, and finished the look with a statement headband. I ended up with a wispy fring, which was totally unintentional but a welcome change.

I wore a headband today to change things up. COURTESY OF PAULINA PARAS
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Day 5

I wanted to look extra cute because it was my ~*birthday*~! I styled the clip-ons as curtain bangs again to see if I really liked the style, but I eventually realized that I preferred full bangs because they were easier to maintain. I constantly switched between the two types throughout the day.

I switched between wearing full bangs and curtain bangs. COURTESY OF PAULINA PARAS
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Day 6

I attended a children's party and opted for a loose, low bun. I liked how the fake bangs instantly elevated my look with minimal effort, and my tita even said I was getting prettier!

It's a loose, low bun look today. COURTESY OF PAULINA PARAS

Day 7

I had to wake up extra early for a whole-day shoot for work, so I quickly put my hair up in a messy ponytail and popped on the bangs. I felt that without the clip-ons, it would've been obvious that I was in a hurry and didn't have time to fix my hair. Thanks to my fake bangs, I looked more put-together.

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I looked more put-together because of my fake bangs. COURTESY OF PAULINA PARAS


After a week of wearing clip-on bangs, I decided that I love the way I look with bangs, but I don't want to have them 24/7. There are days when I love and appreciate them, like when I'm out or when I need that confidence boost. But, there are also days when I could do without them—when it's really hot or when I need to concentrate (the bangs hit my eyelashes sometimes and can be distracting). I also prefer s fairly low-maintenance hair routine.  I don't want to have my bangs trimmed every two weeks or so, which I didn't have to worry about with clip-ons. That said, I don't think I'll be cutting my bangs anytime soon, but I'll definitely pop on the clip-on bangs whenever I feel like changing things up!

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