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How To Add *More* Volume To Fine, Flat Hair

Bring your locks back to life!
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A common myth about having fine hair is that it's *easier* to style since there are fewer strands to work with, but it's actually the opposite! It's more prone to looking limp and lifeless, plus it can't hold heat-styled curls well. If these scenarios are familiar, you may think of dashing to your trusted salon to splurge on a Brazilian blowout—don't do it just yet. We've got better and more practical solutions! Ahead, we've rounded up some tips and tricks to give fine but limp hair extra volume:

  1. Use a dry shampoo.

    Yup, dry shampoo isn't just for masking bad odors and absorbing grease—it can also be used to add volume! Spray it all over your roots when back-combing and massage to evenly distribute the product. You'll have bouncier looks ASAP!

    Lolane Z-Cool Dry Shampoo Fruity Pop, P169, Watsons


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  2. Flip your head when brushing your hair.

    If you're looking to add more ~*volume*~, flip your tresses upside down and back-comb it. Start from the roots and comb all the way to the tips. When you're right-side-up again, you'll notice that your locks are bouncier. It's a quick fix!

  3. Switch your hair part.

    Years of having the same part on your hair can cause your roots to appear flat. An easy way to fix your limp locks is to switch your part to the other side! It will make the top of your head look like it has *more* volume.

  4. Invest in a volumizing hair mousse.

    When we think of hair mousse, our mind immediately goes to visions of big hairstyles and stiff locks. Thankfully, newer formulations will give your tresses that much-needed volume and hold sans the ~crunchy~ feeling. Apply a dollop of product on your hair right after showering. You may opt to air-dry or blow-dry your strands—whichever method works for you. 

    L'Oreal Tecni.Art Full Volume Extra Mousse, P750, HairMNL


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  5. Avoid applying conditioner to your roots.

    ICYDK, conditioner should only be spread in the middle of your hair all the way to the tips. Your roots don't need it because the scalp has natural oils. Smearing it all over your head, including the roots, will make your strands appear greasy and limp.  

  6. Ask for a layered haircut.

    The next time you're due for a cut, tell your trusted stylist to give you a layered haircut. The shaggy shape will lend your tresses a bouncier and more voluminous feel and look!

  7. Dye your hair.

    If you've been putting off coloring your hair for the longest time, the New Year is the perfect time to do so! A few strategically-placed highlights will do wonders in creating the illusion of thicker tresses.

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