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This Is Probably Why Your Curls Don't Last (Even After All Your Hard Work!)

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We all know the struggle of using a curling iron on our own hair to achieve our ~*dream waves*~. But sometimes, no matter how much hairspray you use, your curls still won't hold. Bagsak agad.

What could you be doing wrong? Well, we discovered a video by OG YouTube hair guru Milabu, who did an experiment to find out what could possibly be an important factor in keeping curls. 

She curled different sections of her hair using the same temperature, but in 10-, 20-, and 30-second intervals. She exposed her heat-styled locks in humid conditions and checked them at the end of each day and the following day. She discovered that the part where she let the curling iron stay for 30 seconds held its wave better compared to the 10-second section.

After watching her video, we learned that we sometimes let go of the curling iron too quickly. When you do this, the "curing" time for the curls to set is cut short, so they don't stay. If holding the tool for 30 seconds on each section is tooooo long (not to mention too intense if you have thin hair!) for you, we suggest to keep it at 15 or 20 seconds. Let your hair tool do the work!

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BTW, commenters also shared their heat-styling tips, which we think are helpful for us, too!

Courtesy of YouTube
Courtesy of YouTube
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Watch the whole video to see Milabu's experiment:

Why Do My Curls Fall Out After Curling?

Let us know if you have tips to reveal, too!

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