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All The Ways You Can Color Your Hair *Without* Using Dye And Bleach

In case you're not yet ready for *that* kind of commitment.
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At least once in our life, we have imagined what it would be like if our hair was a different color. If you do decide to bite the bullet and join the candy-hued locks bandwagon, know that regular root touch-ups and treatments are your life now. But, if you're not yet ready for that kind of commitment but you don't want to be left with what-ifs, you're in luck. There actually a ton of ways you can color your hair sans the drying and damaging bleach. Check them out below:

  1. Hair chalk

    If you want to try out a different hue for a day, Splat's hair chalk is your new best friend. Simply spritz some hair spray on your strands to act as a "primer" and run the chalk down the length of your locks. Set it again with some spray. 

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    Splat Hair Chalk, P180, @splatph

  2. Hair coloring shampoo

    For an even easier way to dye your strands without spending half your day in a salon chair, try hair coloring shampoos. Just massage them on your locks and create a lather. Make sure to leave them for 20 to 25 minutes before washing them off. They can last for up to 10 weeks with proper care!

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    Hairfix Hair Color Shampoo, P69, Watsons

  3. Hair color spray

    ~Washable~ hair color spray is another easy to way to change up your strands' hue. It's just like dry shampoo, but loaded with pigment! Just make sure to start slow to avoid it from looking chalky.

    Cospray Washable Hair Color Spray, P225, Landmark

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  4. Hair color wax

    With colored hair waxes, you can style your tresses while coloring them at the same time! Don't worry—you can easily wash them off with just your regular old shampoo.

    Penshoppe Style Colored Hair Wax, P149, Penshoppe

  5. Japanese paper

    Did you know that you can temporarily color your hair using Japanese paper? It's super easy. Just soak the sheets in hot water, wrap them around your locks, and leave them for about 30 to 40 minutes. Check out Andrea Brillantes' helpful video tutorial below:

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    Crepe Paper Hair Dye Tutorial | Andrea B.

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