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How To Retouch Your Roots At Home Without Regretting It

A practical guide to being your own colorist.
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Salon appointments are basically out of the picture until further notice. So, we've come up with ultimate guides to cutting your own bangs, doing your own facial, and scoring a pretty manicure. Now, we have a tutorial that covers (pun intended) how you can dye your roots on your own. Scroll down to learn the basics of at-home color touchups below.

How to Color Your Roots At Home

  1. Know your starting color first.

    Before you buy a box hair dye, it's important to check the shade of your dyed locks, aka your starting color. Look at the packaging of the at-home color kit and match your virgin hair with the "before" picture and see if it can produce a result that is close to your current shade. This way, your roots won't be in a different color. 

    Box dyes will always show the expected color result. Courtesy of Ira Nopuente
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    (Ed's note: If you have blonde hair as the starting color, we strongly advise not to bleach your tresses on your own. Bleach is a color-stripping formula and can be damaging to the tresses if not handled correctly. Leave this to the professionals. In the meantime, try these practical tips that will help you hide root regrowth

  2. Do a patch test.

    Find out if you're allergic to the hair color formula. Place a bit of the dye on a small area in your neck. Let it sit for a few minutes to find out if your skin reacts to it. 

  3. Prepare your working space.

    Dyes can stain everywhere, so it's important that you cover your working area with newspaper. Also, put on an old t-shirt that you won't mind getting hair dye on. Wear gloves and read the instructions on the label before proceeding.

  4. Section your hair properly.

    Not gonna lie, this is the hard part. Proper sectioning is required to create an even dye application, so you must be very careful and thorough.

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    Brush out the tangles first to prevent patchy results. Then, take a rat tail comb and divide your hair into four parts. Start around the crown and temples. Clip the rest of the hair away. Slice through the section and apply the dye, rubbing it on the roots for even coverage. Repeat this process until you've got all of your tresses colored. 

    (Tip: Grab a handheld mirror to help you see if you've applied enough dye to areas at the back of your head and the nape.) 

  5. Rinse and treat.

    After the recommended curing time, rinse the hair dye completely off your locks. Then, apply a conditioning treatment to bring back your tresses' softness and shine. Hair dyes may strip away your follicles' nutrients and natural oils so you should not skip this step.

If you need a more visual guide, check out this tutorial by Alix Gibbs is easy to understand.

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How To Touch Up Your Roots

Now that you are your own hair colorist, it's time to learn how to preserve the vibrancy of your dyed locks. Check out our guide here.

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