The Best Hair Colors For Your Skin Tone

Time for a fearless update!
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If you're clueless and confused when it comes to choosing the right hair shade that'll complement your features, you can relax now. We asked three hair experts to enlighten us on the best and worst hair colors for every Pinay skin tone. And just for fun, they also gave their recommendations for ~wild hair colors~!


Best natural hair color: Jet black hair, brown tones (such as chesnut), and ash will suit your complexion.

No-no: Nothing too blonde for your own good. Also avoid green and yellow tones.

Wild card: "A red or dark purple, or even a blend of both, will do if you're feeling a bit daring," says Hector Real, creative director of Vivere Salon.


Best natural hair color: According to Real, copper tones will balance the yellow undertones in your skin.

No-no: Fiery red is the least recommended, because it's the most unnatural looking and not very flattering.

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Wild card: Blue! Yes, blue—think a trendy pastel or a deep shade that only shows up under sunlight.


Best natural hair color: Ash blonde is the no-fail color for mestiza girls. You can go a step further by trying a full-on blonde look or stay on the safe side with just a light brown color.

No-no: Jet black hair may come off as too harsh for your looks, although there are a few who are able to get away with it. For colored hair, avoid green and yellow tones.

Wild card: "Because of your pinkish undertone, any color would suit you, but I personally find that green doesn't work so well," says Andrea Zulueta-Lorenzana, general manager of the Piandre Salons.


Best natural hair color: Your enviable golden tan will look even better with brown hair, and you may even accentuate it with a touch of red.

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No-no: "Blonde might not be the most flattering option. Also avoid yellow and orange tones," recommends Monette Rivera and Benz Canlas of Salon Beauvoir.

Wild card: Pink, blue, and purple would look totally great against your skin.


Best natural hair color: "Dark shades will definitely flatter your pale skin. Try black ash, warm brown, or dark blonde," Rivera and Canlas add.

No-no: Anything lighter than your skin like yellow or blonde, because it'll only make you look washed out.

Wild card: Cool shades like blue, green, or violet can brighten your features!

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