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5 Hair Hacks For Girls With Wavy Hair

Give your hot tools a rest and let your locks breathe!
PHOTO: Alexa Miller

Growing up with wavy or curly hair has always been difficult—you definitely envied your friends who were ~*#blessed*~ with naturally silky-straight locks. At one point, every wavy-haired girl tried to be just like them by constantly blow drying, ironing, or even getting expensive straightening treatments.

All of the abuse naturally-textured hair goes through can leave it looking tired and damaged. Here, we give you five tips to make sure your natural curls and waves look uh-mazing:

1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Your hair will feel and look better when it’s hydrated. Make sure to use a moisturizing conditioner after cleaning your locks with shampoo. Then, once or twice a week—depending on how dry and damaged your locks are—treat your hair to a deep conditioning session using hair masks or DIY recipes. (Coconut oil works wonders!) If you don’t have time to sit down and let your locks soak in masks, hair oils and serums are good alternatives.

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2. The hairbrush is your enemy

Running a brush through your hair separates the strands, and when your hair is wavy or curly, this only leads to one thing: FRIZZ. Resist the urge to brush your hair post-shower and do it before or during instead. Running water through your hair will “bind” the strands back together, lessening frizz once dried. (But if you feel like you need to detangle your locks after showering, use a wide-tooth comb instead!)

 3. Don’t rub, plop

Another surefire way to get frizzy hair is rubbing it with a towel after drying. Instead, gently squeeze excess water out of your hair, and “plop” instead. Plopping helps preserve the natural waves of your hair, leaving it more “beachy” and less messy. Don’t know what it is? Watch this:

4. Hands off!

While your hair is drying, resist the urge to touch it or run your fingers through it. The natural oils from your fingers might end up transferring onto your locks, weighing down your waves and leading to flat hair. Trust us, it will be worth it when it dries in its untouched glory.

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5. Trust in your updo

When all else fails, have a reliable hairstyle as Plan B. Everybody goes through bad hair days, but it doesn’t mean you have to punish it with a hot tool. Put your hair up in a messy bun and add a feminine flair by placing side braids.