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7 Oils Under P400 That Will Make Your Hair Smooth And Shiny

Hello, sleek tresses!
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Hair serums are important but often forgotten haircare products. They're packed with nutrients that help keep the hair healthy. Hair serums are important especially if you love heat-styling, dyeing, and chemically-treating your hair to make sure it stays in top shape.

What are hair serums you can use for rebonded hair?

If you regularly rebond your hair, there's a big possibility that it will get brittle and be prone to breakage. Instead of spending thousands on salon treatments to bring back the shine and softness, try these affordable hair serums that will repair and restore your hair's health with regular use!

Vitress Cuticle Coat

Whether you're looking to straighten unruly hair, protect it from heat styling, or repair past damage, Vitress' line of hair oils has something for all your hair issues.

Vitress Cuticle Coat
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Vitress Cuticle Coat, P88/30ml, Watsons

Bench Fix Frizz Away! Anti-Frizz Hair Serum

With just one drop, you can say "bye, bye" to buhaghag hair!

Bench Fix Frizz Away! Anti-Frizz Hair Serum, P109, SM Megamall

Human Nature Smoothing Hair Serum

Silicone-free and lightweight, this versatile hair oil can be used to control frizz during the day and a leave-in treatment at night that can restore tresses to their healthy state.

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Human Nature Smoothing Hair Serum, P199.75, Beauty Bar

Sibol Nourishing Hair Oil

This all-natural serum—formulated with oils from sunflower seed, Moroccan Argan, virgin coconut, plus vitamin E—will revitalize your locks and give them a shiny and healthy finish!

sibol nourishing hair oil
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Sibol Nourishing Hair Oil, P375, BeautyMNL

Lolane Intense Care Keratin Leave-In Oil Spray

Keratin, which is known to help strengthen hair, is the main ingredient in this oil. A few spritzes are all you need (Trust us, a little goes a long way!) to give it bounce, shine, and nourishment.

Lolane Keratin Leave-in-Oil Spray
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Lolane Intense Care Keratin Leave-In Oil Spray, P279/25ml, Watsons

Snoe Hair Heroes Invisible Wonder Split End Treatment Oil

This "super strength split end mender" contains rich macadamia nut and avocado oils that leave your locks strong and ~*glossy*~.

Snoe Hair Heroes Invisible Wonder Split End Treatment Oil, P299, Robinsons Forum

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Verb Ghost Oil

This paraben and gluten-free moringa oil blend strengthens, rejuvenates, and locks in moisture in each strand.

Verb Ghost Oil, P430/17ml,