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12 Pinays Share Their Favorite Products To Remove Unwanted Hair

Learn about their holy grail hair removal methods!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Courtesy of Nikki, (RIGHT) Courtesy of Tisha Caedo

Heading to the salon for your monthly leg wax and eyebrow threading can take a lot of time, effort, and money. And while some women have developed a tight bond with their waxing lady, others take their hair removal into their own hands. Below, 12 Pinays share the products they use to remove their unwanted body hair—all from the comforts of their own home.

  1. Tisha, Product: Gillette Venus Spa Razor

    Instagram: @zebramyth

    Routine: I've been a fan of the Gillette Venus Spa Razor for years because its flexible head allows me to get a really close shave on my legs while avoiding cuts and nicks. I usually shave my legs while I’m in the shower—after I've shampooed my locks and while I let the conditioner soak in my hair. I use conditioner as a shaving gel, too, because I find it moisturizes my gams really well! I like how the razor has three blades, too, because this means I'm able to quickly shave the hair and spend less time going over certain areas. 

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    Courtesy of Tisha Caedo
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    Gillette Venus Spa Razor, P499, SM Beauty

  2. Timmy, Product: Veet Face Wax Strips

    Instagram: @timipee

    Routine: I really like the convenience of using wax strips for my upper lip at home, and the Veet wax strips are affordable! I usually wax after I shower and before I go to bed. To make sure that my upper lip is free of wax buildup, I use baby powder to harden the excess wax on my face. I can easily peel it off. 

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    Courtesy of Timmy

    Veet Face Wax Strips, P212, Watsons

  3. Andrea, Product: Gillette Simply Venus Disposable Razor

    Instagram: @andreabtsta

    Routine: I like using three-bladed razors because I find that it quickly and evenly gets every hair follicle shaved compared to other types of razor. I soap up my underarm area and shave upwards and downwards to ensure a close and even shave. 

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    Courtesy of Andrea

    Gillette Simply Venus Disposable Razor, P219 for a pack of four, Watsons 


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  4. Cathy, Product: Veet Hair Removal Cream

    Instagram: @cathydario

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    Routine: I use this cream on my legs, underarms, and upper lip. After a few minutes, I scrape off the cream (along with the unwanted hairs), and rinse the areas with gentle soap and warm water. I’ve been using this cream for years because it’s super affordable and convenient. 

    Courtesy of Cathy
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    Veet Hair Removal Cream, P202, Watsons

  5. Pat, Product: Gilette Venus Sensitive Women's Disposable Razor

    Instagram: @medinatricia

    Routine: I have really sensitive skin, and this razor glides over it smoothly—I don’t get any burns, cuts, or irritation. I use it to shave my legs and underarms in the shower. I lather up with a hydrating body wash first and then shave in upward strokes. 

    Courtesy of Pat
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    Gilette Venus Sensitive Women's Disposable Razor, $6.97 (P362.44), Bought Abroad

  6. Chab, Product: Watsons Eyebrow Razor

    Instagram: @chabocampo

    Routine: I used to have my eyebrows and upper lips threaded, but I eventually got too lazy to have it done in a salon. Enter eyebrow razors: I use them to clean up my brows and shave off my upper lip hair. I do this after I get out of the shower, and when I finish, I proceed with my skincare routine to soothe the area. 

    Courtesy of Chab Ocampo
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    Watsons Eyebrow Razor, P79 for a pack of three, Watsons

  7. Marga, Product: Gillette Simply Venus Disposable Razor

    Instagram: @margaoli

    Routine: I like using razors to shave my legs because they’re quick, affordable, and accessible—I can pretty much shave anytime and anywhere. I use it with a moisturizing body wash in the shower to lessen the risk of cuts and burns. 

    Courtesy of Marga
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    Gillette Simply Venus Disposable Razor, P219 for a pack of four, Watsons

  8. Nikki, Product: Philips Satinelle Compact Epilator

    Instagram: @nikkilodeonyeah

    Routine: I use an epilator once or twice a month on my underarms, legs, and bikini area, depending on whether or not I’ll be showing some skin on a night out *wink*. It’s a lot more cost-efficient than going for a wax every month, and it effectively removes hair from the root (just like how waxing does!). 

    Courtesy of Nikki
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    Philips Satinelle Compact Epilator, P2,999, Watsons and Personal Care Express

  9. Steph, Product: Veet Hair Removal Cream for Sensitive Skin

    Instagram: @shiisadreamer

    Routine: I use this cream to shave my legs in the morning right before I shower. I spread it on my legs, let it sit for 10 minutes, then scrape it off. I used to regularly shave my gams in high school—back when I was more body- and self-conscious. But now, I just shave whenever I feel like it. 

    Courtesy of Steph
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    Veet Hair Removal Cream for Sensitive Skin, P299, Watsons

  10. Maika, Product: Veet Face Wax Strips

    Instagram: @maikaqb

    Routine: I use wax strips to remove hair from my upper lip area. I’ve tried depilatory creams and plucking, but they would leave my skin irritated and more prone to pimples. I switched to the Veet strips and my hair removal problems ended. Each strip easily fits my upper lip area, and I don’t get any sticky residue on my nostrils. Now, I can remove my fuzz with one swift pull. 

    Courtesy of Maika
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    Veet Face Wax Strips, P212, Watsons

  11. Tina, Product: Philips Satin Ice 2-In-1 Epilator

    Instagram: @tinaocampoo

    Routine: When my mom introduced me to epilators, I haven’t tried any other hair removal method since. The epilator plucks hairs all at once, so it’s pretty much like getting waxed except my skin doesn’t get irritated. I also like that I can remove the unwanted hair at my own convenience. I use it on my legs and underarms after I jump out of the shower. 

    Courtesy of Tina
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    Philips Satin Ice 2-In-1 Epilator, Discontinued product

  12. Ira, Product: Veet Hair Removal Cream for Sensitive Skin

    Instagram: @iranopuente

    Routine: This depilatory cream doesn’t irritate my skin, and it does a great job of keeping my legs smooth and stubble-free! It’s easy to use affordable, too—what’s not to love? A whole tube can last me for about six months because I only use it when I have to wear skirts or shorts. 

    Courtesy of Ira Nopuente
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    Veet Hair Removal Cream for Sensitive Skin, P299, Watsons

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