Pretty Hairstyles To Show Off Your Ear Cuff

They're totally easy to do, too!
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Ear cuffs are having a moment, and we’re not complaining at all! We’ve already made a list of where you could get your own pieces, and now, we’re giving you ideas on how you can style your hair to make sure that your ear cuffs stand out. Check out some of our suggestions below:

Stylish ponytail 

The easiest way to let your accessories stand out: pull your hair up into a ponytail and get creative with it! You can go for a sleek and straight ponytail like Kisses Delavin or go high and glam like Elisse Joson.

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Get wavy

Instead of just letting your hair down, experiment with your curling tools and wave sprays to work in some texture into your hair. Truth be told, most ear cuffs can instantly make you look edgy, so why not go all out?

Claudia Baretto opted for a wet and wavy brushed back ‘do to match her burgundy eyeshadow and edgy ear candy.

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You can also take a cue from Cate Blanchett and go for deep-parted wavy locks. Don’t forget to carefully tuck your hair behind your ear to show off your statement piece or pieces—make sure to loosen the tuck with your fingers or a comb for a more casual feel.

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If you have short hair, use a wave or texturizing spray to add some character onto your locks and put on your fave ear piece. 

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Buns, hun!

You can never go wrong with a bun—whether you like it sleek or messy. If you’re wearing multiple pieces, you might want to opt for a sleek bun like Millie Bobby Brown to balance things out.

Another look we love? A low braided bun. Braid your hair and coil it up into a bun. You can also tie a ribbon around it for extra style points.

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Short hair? No problem! Pull your hair back as far as you can go and use hairpins to secure everything in place. Ta-dah! Instant sleek bun. Use a brush or a fine-toothed comb with some hairspray to tame your baby hairs.

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For ~*bad hair days*~ or when you’re simply stumped of hair ideas, throw on a cute hat to instantly look put-together. Don’t forget to tuck your hair behind your ear to show off your bling.

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