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Fact: Hairy Girls Have It Better!

Here's a much-needed dose of appreciation for that thing many of us hate: body hair.
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1. Your wounds heal better!

Hair follicles are rich in stem cells, which are cells that help an organ regenerate. So if you’re ~*hair*~, you have a lot of hair follicles and more stem cells in your skin. The stem cells mark the bottom part of the hair follicles; studies have found that these cells not only renew hair follicles but also your sebaceous glands and your epidermis—in other words, the gland that keeps your hair and skin moisturized, and the skin itself. This means that if you get a cut or a wound, your skin will heal faster. (Thanks, body hair!)

2. You have extra sun protection.

If you’re REALLY hairy, you have more sun protection than other people who aren’t. Body hair used to keep our prehistoric ancestors protected from the sun’s damaging effects. Some theories suggest that they lost a lot of that thick hair over the years because humans needed to keep cool as they evolved to walking on two legs and developed larger brains. (And they kept cool through sweating—meaning they needed skin where the sweat could evaporate from.)

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But this isn’t to say you’re less evolved if you’re still hairy! There are a bunch of possible factors as to why some people are hairier than others, like hormones, ethnicity, or genetics.

BTW, this doesn’t mean you should go under the sun without putting on sunblock. Body hair of people now is much thinner and shorter than it was during prehistoric times, so it’s not enough to keep you 100 percent—or even 50 percent—protected from UV rays.

3. You’re kept warm.

Body hair has kept our ancestors warm, and it does the same for us today. Think you’re better off without it? Think again: Your body needs it to conserve heat. As mammals, we all need a high internal body temperature to survive, and that layer of hair on your skin can insulate your body from the temperature outside.

But why must you have hairy legs and arms? Well, your arms and legs, being away from your core where the heat is concentrated, need heat as well. In case you haven’t noticed, your limbs are the ones that feel cold the fastest, so having a lot of hair there makes sense—even necessary—to keep those muscles warm and functional.

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4. You have EYELASHES.

Plus points for aesthetics and function! Being hairy most likely means you have long or thick eyelashes. We value long lashes for making our eyes pop when the lashes are curled and brushed with mascara. But let’s not forget that they’re there to keep the dust out of our eyes.

Long lashes help keep your eyes moist too by redirecting air flow to the top of your eyelid rather than to your eyeball. But don’t go crazy with extensions! A study has found that if your lashes are longer than a third of the width of your eye, you’ll increase air flow in your eye area, which will result in a drying effect.

5. Most likely you have thick kilay.

Full brows are in, which is great for you if you have them. Think of all the time and makeup you save! Apart from that, your thick brows also help protect your eyes from foreign particles like dirt and sweat. They also reveal your emotions, which is great, so people know how to behave or what to say around you.

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6. You’re protected from mosquitoes and other insects!

Apparently, your hairiness protects you from getting bitten by parasites. The hair makes it hard for them to reach the skin, so mosquitoes, insects, and bugs prefer non-hairy areas.

Okay, correction: Your hairiness protects your body except for the non-hairy parts like your ankles—so we wouldn’t blame you if during dengue or zika season you found yourself wishing for a second that you had hairy ankles as well.

Still, being hairy helps you detect parasites sniffing around you, looking for a non-hairy patch of skin to land on. And that’s because your hair follicles have nerve cells that connect to your spinal cord. When a mosquito brushes even a single strand of hair on your arm or leg, signals are sent to your spine and back to your follicles through the nerves, so you jerk away. And knowing a parasite wants to bite you will make you look for it to kill it or cover yourself up more.

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Not bad for something many of us want to get rid of, right? You can think of this list as a bright side to being balbon, or a reminder that there is a point in having some body hair—a point that, sadly, society makes us forget.

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