Easy Korean Idol-Inspired Hairstyles You Can Do By Yourself

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If you want to change up your 'do but you're afraid of making ~drastic~ hair changes such as coloring or cutting it, the best solution is to spruce it up using accessories. Not only will it give your tresses that oomph it needs, but it also won't cause any damage (looking at you, bleach and dye). 

Wishtrend TV made a helpful tutorial on how to recreate four famous K-pop stars' hairstyles. The best part is, these looks don't require any heat at all! Keep on scrolling to get schooled:

  1. Joy of Red Velvet's Point Braid

    In Red Velvet's performance of "Zimzalabim" at Music Bank, Joy sported sleek, straight tresses with two micro-braid accents. To make the mini stand out, long pieces of thick glitter threads were looped within her hair, giving it a pretty effect when the light catches them.

    To recreate this, all you need are glitter threads, hair elastics, and scissors. First, tie a very small section of your hair with an elastic. Then, secure the glitter thread at the very top by tying it. After that, take the tied section of your hair along with the thread and divide them into three parts—that's two for your hair and one for the thread. Then, just braid the three sections and work your way down. Once you have reached your desired length, cut the remaining thread and secure the mini braid with another elastic. Repeat all the steps for the other side. Tada!

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  2. Yeji of ITZY's Hair Tinsel

    In the teaser photos for ITZY's "ICY" music video, Yeji wore two sections of her mane in space buns while leaving the rest wavy. What made it ~stand out~ was the sparkly tinsel pieces attached to her hair.

    To recreate this look, all you need are hair tinsels and bobby pins. Just loop about three to five tinsels in one pin and secure it on your hair. It's best to place them underneath your natural part, so they don't look too fake. Place as many (or as little!) as you want for a fun, sparkly effect.

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  3. Jennie of BLACKPINK's Bobby Pins

    Jennie of BLACKPINK is no stranger to changing up her hair using accessories, and this metallic bobby pin hairstyle is no different. To recreate this look, simply part your hair in the middle and tuck your tresses behind your ears. Then, place three or four pins on each side. It's that easy! To make it appear more ~laidback~, you can pull out a few baby hairs in front.

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  4. Hyuna's Mini Claw Clips

    Something that a lot of artists and girl groups in South Korea are ~obsessed~ with are mini claw clips in the shape of flowers. In the picture below, Hyuna used them to accent her mini braids.

    To recreate this look, simply get a small section of your hair and braid it halfway through, then tuck it behind your ear and secure it in place using a bobby pin. Now comes the fun part: Strategically place the mini claw clips on the braid and that's it! If you want, you may also skip the braiding and just place the clips anywhere you want for a more ~casual~ lewk.

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Watch the whole tutorial here:

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